Season 2Episode 26 Pride Landers Unite!

Kion tries to assemble an army of Pride Landers.


Troy Lion • 3 years ago

wow such a amazeing episode I really enjoyed this episode it was really good great episode! Next will be The Queen's vist maybe Sarabi will be in this episode I'm hopeing she will at least be in one of the episodes talking I don't know everything to expect from that episode Nala will be in it I believe we got to just wait for now though and also soon wait for these episodes from a video I saw on youtube I'm super excited for them I always love watching The lion guard

Vilthuril • 3 years ago

Sarabi probably died before the events of The Lion Guard, oof

Troy Lion • 3 years ago

maybe or maybe not we'll just have to wait for the episode to come out but from what I seen in the episode The Unkumbusho Tradition episode I seen a Lioness that looks like it got Sarabi's eyes it could of been her. Look colsely as you can at the first Lioness back there it could be her. even with Zooming in on the screenshot I took I hope it's good enough. to bad for that episode there is no good close up of her where I would not have to do my best too zoom in. We'll see when when the episode is out maybe If anything Nala who been in episodes she well for sure be in it and probly even Kiara who is apparently future queen again in The Lion Guard for some werid reason I guess. I'm still excited for more episodes and season 3 no matter what I know that for me I'll always enjoy watching The Lion Guard.

Monty1701 • 3 years ago

Here you have an image with better definition.

John Pass • 3 years ago

I was curious i saw two extra rocks from Kibrui but they disappear are they their or not. I don't understand why they never bring entire clan of Hyneas, i understand Jackals only using teenagers with parents, but why we never see Vultures join the fight

Septiplier PHANgirl • 3 years ago

idc that im 17, i really like this show and im glad its updated! I am a huge lion king fan XD

Troy Lion • 3 years ago

Me neither I'm always a big fan of The Lion King and The Lion Guard I really love the movies and this so very much even though i'm 17 and soon to be 18 on Febuary 3rd of this year I still don't care it has and will always be my most favorite that's ever been made.

Septiplier PHANgirl • 3 years ago

nice! im going to be 18 this july 26th!

Erik Bihari • 3 years ago

FINALY something new! And i really can't complain along with anyone else,nice lesson,the same villians we like,fans of bunga can't hate this episode because he keep he's idiocy down,he's haters enjoy him flyeing,nice song! If the vultures and skinks could help then it whould have been even better!

Troy Rogue Lion • 3 years ago

Ohhhhh man 4 more hours still untill next episode comes on to this website I am still super excited and really hyped!!!!!! I still really don't care that I am 18 years old I'll always love The Lion King movies and The Lion Guard Tv show I know that I'll always be a really big Lion King fan even at the age of 18 I don't mind it at all that I'm 18 The Lion King and The Lion Guard will always be something I really love to watch!

SeikoVirg • 3 years ago

You know for characters who just seemed like recurring because "there interesting" they've done a great job over two seasons of developing Makuu despite his obvious "ways," as well as the elephants in great ways too. It didn't seem like either would hold any real importance in the short term and this includes others who seemed like they'd always be more humorous than anything. Seeing the elphants take out the outlander forces was the best part. Definitely want to see the vultures and eventually the lions get involved. This show can honestly make a few episode story more intense than the fight in lion king 2 (with the out lander lions vs. pridelander lions) at least in some ways (matching the dialogue would be pretty difficult, the "we are one" message is pretty unbeatable.

Now if they could just have a consistent airing schedule so people would actually know when it's on.

Vilthuril • 3 years ago

Where are the vultures though?

Kionoo1 • 3 years ago

I love the lion guard and always will I hope the lion guard has a big future ahead of it I'm 12 but I do not care this makes me happy and please disney I heard rumours that you were going to cancel the sho

Steven Villman • 3 years ago

I sincerely hope that the rumour of cancelling The Lion Guard is false there!

Kionoo1 • 3 years ago

I do too

Troy Rogue Lion • 3 years ago

As I know of the next episode The Queen's vist comes out Febuary 18th of this year I know that I can wait I'm fine with Paitently waitin. for that day for me too bad it's not on my birthday that comes up Febuary 3rd but for me I can pretend that episode is a birthday episode for me I am always fine with pretending for me especally cause Febuary is one of my top favorite months cause that is when my birthday lands in on a day always Febuary 3rd.

Kat • 3 years ago

Well happy early birthday! I can wait it’s just hard because I have nothing but projects this month

Troy Rogue Lion • 3 years ago

Thank you! and I understand that feeling it can be hard to wait especally when at school but right now I'm kind of lucky being able to stay at home my mom keeps me home cause she wants me feeling better for my birthday and it's a good thing cause I want to be well and not sick as well There was no school for me wensday and thursday or anyone that goes there cause going To Normandy also Parma citys schools it was colsed for cold weather so extra days to relax and get better I'm getting there eventually I'm feeling a bit better I still got a really bad cough though and sour throught even though I'm not a school person going to school is not a favorite but the only thing that makes school great is seeing friends and for when it's time to go home.

Kat • 3 years ago

Lucky! We’ve just had delays this week and I have never wanted the weekend to come faster then I do today!

Mimmi Li • 3 years ago

When will the next episode arrive?

Kat • 3 years ago

February 18! Can’t wait

Mimmi Li • 3 years ago


Tiara • 3 years ago

What about the eggs though? Don't crocodiles nest during the dry season?

Steven Villman • 3 years ago

I was just wondering the same thing!

Jayla • 3 years ago

Me too! Seems kinda weird that the Lion Guard would just disregard the fact that there's probably nesting crocodiles, but then again the show creators might've overlooked that and forgot

Kion • 3 years ago

Cool 😎

Kion and Zuri fan • 3 years ago

I really like it and I can't wait for more episodes like The Queen's visit which I think has Tiifu and Zuri on there [?] I also liked how Makuu made his promise in the end to look out for the other Pridelanders and how Kion decides to form an alliance with all of the animals working together to take down the outsiders, I also like how he did this even tho Simba didn't want the others to know that Scar was back. Awesome Episode 10/10 (:

Steven Villman • 3 years ago

My favourite part of this episode was when Makuu promised to look out for the other Pridelanders at the end of the episode [since, if there's trouble somewhere in The Pridelands, it affects *everyone* else and thus *everywhere* in The Pridelands, which is *INCLUDING* Makuu's crocodile Float and watering hole; and so it is EVERYONE'S job (and duty) in The Pridelands to look out for one another, which *INCLUDES* Makuu and his crocodile Float!] – because I have a policy in where: if there's going to be evil, villainous reptile characters in a cartoon/anime show, there just *HAS TO BE* good, heroic reptile characters in it as well there; or the cartoon/anime show would be seen as racist/species-ist towards reptiles by me. [What is in case in which whoever is reading this hasn't figured it out by now: I'm a *HUGE* reptile fan, and thus I didn't like Makuu's character in the first season of The Lion Guard animated T.V. series; but Makuu has REALLY steadily emotionally warmed up to me now throughout Season 2, now that he has not only became a "good guy" but a much more co-operative one at that with other fellow Pridelanders to fight/defend against the (nearly constantly) invading Outlanders!]

Monty1701 • 3 years ago

That was an amazing episode!!!! I hope the next one will be sooner than we thought.

kopaisoutthere • 3 years ago

18 feb queens vist

Ben Caldwell • 3 years ago

This episode is good.

Ben Caldwell • 3 years ago

I can't wait for the next episode.

Not bad, the top one still being Makuu, "The crocodile way".

Liam Evans • 3 years ago

Makuu Was Like I Almost Miss Kiburi With These Pathetic Creatures As Fighters

Mwendo Duma • 3 years ago

Well that took a while to upload...

Liam Evans • 3 years ago

About Time

Carissa Belford • 2 years ago

Janja said “ They don’t have chance against us.
Scar said “ Don’t be sure. “

Kion said “ They’re ready yet.
One of Pridelander said “ Don’t be sure.”

Jon10kul • 3 years ago

what that is so bad look at fuli that is bad animation

SableWolfAngel • 3 years ago

Fuli looks like she's having some kind of otherworldly experience xD

Tyler Ellyson • 3 years ago

Makuu has finally learned to be more heroic, thanks to Kion and their fellow Pride Landers.

FuliTheCheetah • 3 years ago

So now the lion guard is training a militia. Also, this is what im thinking right now:


Fuli:awright you maggots! Wind sprints you guys! Wind sprints!
Galagos: um, our legs are pretty short. Can we use a smaller track?
Fuli: do you think SCAR will care what you think? MOVE IT TROOPS!!!!!!

With Fuli's short temper and overall grumpiness, i think she would be perfect dor the job!

Ben Caldwell • 3 years ago

I can't wait for the next episode.

Monty1701 • 3 years ago

Are you sure about the hour?

Worlder123333 • 3 years ago

New episode image

Ben Caldwell • 3 years ago

next episode is the queen's visit

the black tiger • 3 years ago

kibury is soooo rude too the hyenas XD

melody • 3 years ago

just two days and a new episode

Ben Caldwell • 3 years ago

I saw the episode

Anon • 3 years ago

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