Season 2Episode 25 Beshte and the Beast

A gorilla ally seems to cause more harm than good!


Justin Lion • 5 years ago

I really loved this episode it was good to me I love this thing Christopher Jackson (Broadway’s “Hamilton”) guest stars as Shujaa. I heard the soundtrack and I really love it never got to saw it or read any books for it but I would love to be able to someday.

Joshua Lion • 4 years ago

Hey guys I know that I am happy to say some news that I'm excited for a new episode for The Lion Guard will be coming soon on January 21th 2019 Pride Landers Unite I am feeling excited I love The Lion Guard!

agron989 • 4 years ago

i agree with you i can't wait.

kopaisoutthere • 4 years ago

there might be an episode after that called the "ultimate showdown" according to lion guard wiki!

Kiara Lioness • 4 years ago

That name seems really cool like another cool episode that may come soon to me and another one is I saw this on youtube sadly I did not know what was being said because the video was in Ukrainian and I'm just a english Person myself So I couldn't understand much. but I'm also really excited for the episode The fall of Mizimu Grove I think will also be an episode from what I saw from off youtube. OMG I am So Excited for new episodes of The Lion Guard for me The Lion Guard will always be great.

kopaisoutthere • 4 years ago

guys nvm i don't trust that page anymore i use the official wiki now but that episode iss very much still possible just not after pride landers unite im unsure as it is just fans

Kiara Lioness • 4 years ago

wow! that episode name to me sounds amazeing I can't wait to see that episode I also love watching The Lion Guard! I'm also excited for season 3 coming soon as I know of after this episode airs there will be 2 more episodes till season 3 it's been a long wait for season 3 but hopefully soon in 2019 us Lion Guard fans get season 3.

Troy Lion • 4 years ago

Oh yeah I'm with you on That one I also can't wait. The Lion Guard is really great!

kopaisoutthere • 4 years ago

me too!

Erik Bihari • 5 years ago

Seriously the Lion Guard=Avengers,Scar=Dormamu,Janja's gang=Jokers,Rei Rei=Granny Goodness,Shuja=Bizarro!:)

Arvie Tevin • 5 years ago

what the flip lol

Ihavenolife • 3 months ago

Need more episodes now

Ihavenolife • 3 months ago


Joshua Crawford • 4 years ago

Sujaa punda means brave ass

Cows&Sloths • 3 years ago

Do not curse

kopaisoutthere • 4 years ago

another episode!

Troy Lion • 4 years ago

this would be a big dream come true for me but this might not ever happen sadly :( but guys if I could ever try out for a charecter part would you be fine with it I'd hope that people would like me as a voice actor someday it's still my dream job to become an actor and voice actor for stuff that I can like. maybe someday I'll be able to have a part in something that I love it could be anything probly. No matter what I'll always love watching The Lion Guard and everything I have loved to watch for tv movies anything!

Kat • 5 years ago

Whaaa when did this come out! Are there any more?!

Kiara Lioness • 5 years ago

3 more episodes still season 3 begins. it's 1 thing that I know of still I am still pretty excited it's hard to wait I don't know for more right now but hopefully soon I love The Lion Guard.

Arvie Tevin • 5 years ago

Dem 3 more episode

JACKIE Lee Jones • 11 months ago

I wanna watch this episode online again

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

Pause at 22:30

Cows&Sloths • 3 years ago

You know all the animals flying around( getting thrown by the lion guard) thay can brack a spine or something

Cows&Sloths • 3 years ago

I like reirei the best

Cows&Sloths • 3 years ago

The lion gourd is alway picking on the bad guys ( I’m mean that are bad and that do work for scar but that’s not the point) thay (lion gourd) can’t blame the bad guys to attack the other anomaly’s of the pridlands thay are just hungry and thirsty and...evil

Kitchi • 3 years ago

Shuuja is pure, I love him.

wildfire • 3 years ago

how do you love him🤦‍♀️!!!!

so incredible

Monty1701 • 4 years ago

29 minutes... I can't wait...

Ben Caldwell • 4 years ago

I can't wait

kopaisoutthere • 4 years ago


kopaisoutthere • 4 years ago

7 hours

kopaisoutthere • 4 years ago

im going to watch return of roar and then i might be out

Samuel Sorenson • 4 years ago

Does anyone know when Pride Landers Unite will be on WatchTLG?

Monty1701 • 4 years ago

Here you have the countdown. Just left 12 hours

Or here, too...

watchtlg • 4 years ago

Pride Landers Unite! will officially air on Monday 21st January.
However, early release is possible, like it was with Beshte and the Beast. The most likely early release dates are:
this Friday, January 11
• next Friday, January 18

Troy Lion • 4 years ago

is it gonna be tonight or another day I'm really excited for that episode I'm a big Lion Guard fan as I know of I'm for sure still willing to wait for it. I love The lion guard it's so awesome!

watchtlg • 4 years ago

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Monday. Please see this countdown timer for exact time remaining:

Troy Lion • 4 years ago

Ok that's fine and Thanks for the countdown timer link.

Liam Evans • 4 years ago

Then How Come The Countdown isn't On Here How Come

watchtlg • 4 years ago

Dates are not confirmed. I can't do this if I'm not sure that the episode will actually be released that day.

kopaisoutthere • 4 years ago

guys were in for a treat as we have a voice actor for askari and i have learn that rani might be the leader of a "night" pride

Kat • 4 years ago

Who’s Askari?

kopaisoutthere • 4 years ago

first leader of the lion guard!

kopaisoutthere • 4 years ago

i wish i could be the voice of Kion i'm only one year younger! should i become a voice actor? let me know what you would think about it.would you support me? would you still watch the lion guard if i was the voice actor? its too bad it will never happen. :(

Joshua Crawford • 4 years ago

You could still be a voice actor, if not for the lion guard, something else, or even make an abridged lion guard

kopaisoutthere • 4 years ago

i wonder if were gonna see any new characters in "Pride Lander's unite!"?

clover • 4 years ago

They need a Lion Guard version of Hyzenthlay for the hyenas

alainsane • 4 years ago

TVGuide shows no new shows through December 18th. :(

ecocat annabelle • 5 years ago

"He'll do much more damage than we ever could."
Glad to see you're finally admitting how pathetic you are, hulk of flame that can't keep control of his forces.

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