Season 2Episode 24 The Underground Adventure

Kion, Kiara and their friends journey underground.


Ryan Perez • 5 years ago

It's interesting that golden mole is AJ McLean, one of the Backstreet Boys.

Guest • 5 years ago

Yes, it is! XD

Dawnmil ; • 5 years ago

I can see many people thinking bad about this episode, due to the zebra appearing everywhere all the time. First off, yes I think it's weird too, but we're not the writers of this show, and we should be respectful that we even get new episode of TLG every day.
Second, this is a KID show. If everything would be realistic most kids would find the show confusing. And we do agree that TLK does have some unrealistic scenes as well. Like Simba seeing Mufasa in the sky, is very unrealistic as well. I don't hate any of the movies nor the show, but we gotta appreciate the things we have. Like many people have gotten mad, since it looks like Janja and Jasiri might be together (Still don't know yet) and many people just wants Kion and Jasiri toegther. Ofc you all have the rights to ship what you want, but we all know that a Hyena and a Lion wont be possible. Not even in the show. we should be respectful and happy that we get so many episodes, so often.

KionAndTiifu Forever • 5 years ago

totally agree with not having trans species they should put Kion with a lion such as Tiifu (see my comment up above or on the Lion guard wiki Fan-powered in the comments on Tiifu)

Starlight 194 • 5 years ago

I think that Kion and Fuli would be the perfect couple i mean theyre already friends and thats Simba and Nala started and now look at them theyre married so i think Kion and Fuli should be together plus Kion and Fuli spend a lot of time together in the lion guard and remember in the episode "The Trail to Udugu" Kion said that he runs with Fuli everyday right?

FuliTheCheetah • 4 years ago


Erik Bihari • 5 years ago

1:l Loved the story!,2:Exloring more of the african wild life.,3:Tiifu and Zuri for once we're great characters!(not just tipical mindless dolls who usually assist a highschool bully like Sharpey Ewans or Sunset Shimmer we're before!),No one can complain about Bunga being useless or annoying,Kiara wase not to snobby and more down to earth with spending timew with both Kion&Bunga and Tiifu&Zuri.,4:New Characer:Kuchimba=a really nice guy and new intresting animal!,5:Good song with great:Visuals,Lyrics,Tone and Atmasphere,Beat,Rythem,6:Nice lesson:"All of us hawe been afraid in the dark but sometimes, the only thing fear is your imagination wich you can conquer!,7:Funny moments with:Bunga,Kion and Kiara,Tiifu and Zuri and Thurston?,8:Am i the only one who think Kuchimba looks a lot like Stitch or 625!?!?(sorry don't exactly know he's name!),The:colour tone,the lining,character modell(he looks like he about to turn into a Ball!),9:the part with the crystals wase a"Zuka Zamma"refrence!:),10!:WHO ELSE BREAK THE REPEAT BUTTON?(I'st really good song!)

Kion Fan • 5 years ago

Awesome This episode was amazing, I can't wait for the next episode!
Kion and Zuri were so cute together. πŸ’–

Caleb Martin • 5 years ago

When the mole said "spoken like a true surface dweller" was he using sarcasm?

Kiara Lioness • 5 years ago

Awesome episode I really loved it but why lion guard creators! Siriously! everytime for new episodes I would like to see a lot of them the most for when new episodes come out it is just a long wait from 4 new episodes that came April 2nd still the 5th of April 2018 that air for the next episode after Devide and Conquer when i caught up with the rest of The lion guard episodes since I was picky at first because charecters like Kion was never in the lion king 2 movie or any of them when I first watch the lion guard for the first time the episodes I had a lot to watch when I gave it a chance to try it I was Skeptical at first about the lion guard I haven't watched season 1 or 2 untill well it's been a long time since I first watched season 1 Return of the roar the start of the lion guard show that first came out in November 22, 2015 up to season 2 episode devide and conquer episode January 11, 2018 were the only episodes that were out when I decided to give The lion guard a chance but anyway and now in september 4th 2018 we needed to wait for the Cave of secrets episode up to this one The Underground aventure we just got 4 more new episodes up untill september 8th and now we will for sure have to wait a very long time just for more new episodes just why Disney The lion guard is great but when new episodes air we need more then just 4 episodes! this is just not cool with me I really love The lion guard but I want more episodes sooner! now it's a wonder for how long it will be this time for the next new episode! >:( bruh It is just not great waiting for me and I don't like waiting a lot at all!

KionAndTiifu Forever • 5 years ago

It would be good later on if Kion and Tiifu grow up throughout the series and gradually fall in love. They should also maybe spend some more time together like for an example Kion and Tiifu are walking/playing together (Tiifu is not with Kiara due to her having crowned princess things to do and Zuri does not feel like going out if Kiara is not around) then Ono flys in and inform Kion of some threat to which he quickly smiles at Tiifu and says good bye and that maybe they can hang out more later.

Just my thoughts how it should happen

Edit: If you saw "Kifu forever" post this before while I am the same just now I have an account instead of just being a guest

Kifu forever • 5 years ago

It would be good later on if Kion and Tiifu grow up throughout the series and gradually fall in love. They should also maybe spend some more time together like for an example Kion and Tiifu are walking/playing together (Tiifu is not with Kiara due to her having crowned princess things to do and Zuri does not feel like going out if Kiara is not around) then Ono flys in and inform Kion of some threat to which he quickly smiles at Tiifu and says good bye and that maybe they can hang out more later.

Just my thoughts how it should happen

Ben Caldwell • 5 years ago

Muhimu,Vuruga Vuruga,and Twiga should go to the mud pots too

Zuri is beautiful tlg • 5 years ago

I like this episode a lot but I don't really get how this ties in, I mean why is the Zebra guy always just randomly appearing I mean if Thuderson (the zebra guy) can get into the cave how is the lion guard not finding this cave and yet wondering where did Tiifu Kiara Zuri Kion and Bunga end up?

Jokester • 5 years ago

I know right☝️ thought this was the LION guard not Zebra guard or whatever. However I like Zuri too but Tiifu's gonna be friends with her prey xD I bet in the next episode we get of her and Zuri she'll regret being friends with him.

Jokester • 5 years ago

Anyway overall the episode Is pretty good however it would've been better if the characters acted more like they did in the past however I think the Lion Guard also should've came too however I do get when the fire happened they were worried and wondering how did Kion Bunga Kiara Tiifu and Zuri escape, so that explains where they were. Also would appreciate if Zuri could get an episode, because I like this one overall I suppose but Zuri's been my favourite character since season 1 so it would be nice if she could have an episode. Yep this was pretty good just like the last one hyena resistance

Jokester • 5 years ago

Another thing I wanna point out is why would Zuri consider royal duties to be boring when she was all for helping Kiara in can't wait to be queen and baboons also is it just me or are Tiifu and Zuri's voices different?

Erik Bihari • 5 years ago

Yes they do.,Zuri is played by Madison Pettis(jennel in lab rats!),And Tiifu is voiced by Sarah Hyland(Dylan Shomphield from(disney's!):Charming Geek!

Jokester • 5 years ago

Yeah I know... but I said that their voices actresses sound a bit different then they did in the previous episodes.

Madison • 5 years ago

Yeah I like Zuri's voice actress Madison Pettis she's been in many Disney movies including Beverly Hills chihuahua 2 and 3 one of my all time favourites and I like Sarah Hyland she's from geek charming and Modern family. Also we should start a who's better for Kion shipping war xD Zuri in my opinion but we can all have our own opinions and it's entirely up to the makers to decide on who's with Kion or whatever they even wanna put him with anyone or not.

deago • 1 year ago

I learn there is no fear in the dark

VAT • 1 year ago

AYYYYY would you look at that, they are back up!

Guest • 4 years ago
Can't Think Of A Username • 4 years ago

Tiifu is probably the most annoying lion imo

Cows&Sloths • 4 years ago

Dawnmil you speek to much

FuliTheCheetah • 4 years ago

Seriously? How can you have a "Girl's day out" without ME?

scszbg • 4 years ago

are you a lion? no you are a cheetah and i think zuru and tifu doesnt like you no offense

FuliTheCheetah • 4 years ago

Seriously? Why does it even matter, anyways? Are lions the "greatest beings alive?" Maybe they're "paragons of perfection," or maybe "superb creatures of excellence?!" Why are lions always like this?

simba wayne • 4 years ago

Scar is bad

John • 4 years ago

I hope that in season 3 Zuri and Kion or even Tiifu and Kion finally fall in love. Since they will be teenagers

AwesomeJawson • 4 years ago

Me to. Tiifu and Kion are my favorite lion king franchise ship.

Ben Caldwell • 5 years ago

just like a spa day

Monty1701 • 5 years ago

Where is the last episode? "Beshte and the beast" is on the air since few days ago. Come on, update the page...

Holomarker • 5 years ago

When it's gonna start season 3

Mindstorm • 5 years ago

Only 4 episodes in 3 days then nothing for the rest of the month. This episode transmission program makes no sense!

Ben Caldwell • 5 years ago

is season 3 is going to on January or February

Joshua Crawford • 4 years ago

august 3rd, 2019

Sweet Pea. The Breyer • 5 years ago

I love this episode because it has Kion and Kiara sibling bonding, we haven’t rlly seen that since The Trail To Udugu

Ben Caldwell • 5 years ago

Is episode 25,26,27,and 28 going to in October November, or December.

Ben Caldwell • 5 years ago

is Kanga going to be in the next episode or season 3.

ecocat annabelle • 5 years ago

when Beshte mentioned the mud, I thought the girls would be like, ewwwwwwwwwww.
also 2:10- burrrrrrrrrrned!

Kiuri • 5 years ago

I like this episode. And I totally ship Kion with Zuri, throughout the series I think it's clear that she might have a crush on him. The way she smiles at him too, also back to the episode I like how they focused on something other than the lion guard having to face Scar again all as a team. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›πŸ’ŽπŸ¦
-Kiuri (KionandZuri's shipping name)

KionLion • 5 years ago

I know this is a kids show but think about this. Kion got stuck underground with three cute beautiful lioness cubs. What could have happened if they had to be there for a few weeks or months?

Ben Caldwell • 5 years ago

are you going to make season 4 and 5

Ben Caldwell • 5 years ago

where is Muhanga

Malachi Branch • 5 years ago

an aardvark den

Ben Caldwell • 5 years ago

Is Dhahabu is going to in the next episode or season 3

Karen Dominguez • 5 years ago

When is the next episode going to come/ air Season 2 ep 25 or season 3???

Ben Caldwell • 5 years ago

when the next episodes come soon

Madison • 5 years ago

There needs to be a Zuri episode too πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ xD that'll be nice pretty much all the characters have had a turn to be the main protagonist now Zuri needs one. Comment your favourite emoji if you agree mine is "😊". Haha πŸ˜‚

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