Season 2Episode 18 The Wisdom of Kongwe

Fuli and Makini escort a tortoise to Pride Rock.


Cubby Stephenson • 6 years ago

Makini always breaks her stick :'(

Ryan Perez • 5 years ago

I know. She needs to be more careful or the Pride Lands will run of sticks. She can probably use the broken sticks to make a fire.

yes i feel bad for makini

Malachi Branch • 5 years ago

or burns it in fire

Phoenix Mcphee • 5 years ago

Cubby hi bro

She need be more careful and wise.

Faceless Gamer • 5 years ago

Quite the obvious captain

FuliTheCheetah • 4 years ago

Srsly what? Its a good thing that in season 3 everyone is going to the "tree of life" because then Makini can replenish her supply of magic sticks.

John Pass • 5 years ago

This is seriously crazy lol

i agree :0

John Pass • 5 years ago

What did I say

John Pass • 5 years ago

What did I said I forgot that you are agreeing

John Pass • 5 years ago

Hello? Hello

TLG_Premiere • 6 years ago

Makini another breaks stick :(

Kali • 6 years ago

Ya it's probably like staff number seven

Pat • 4 years ago

Wht episode did makini first come in

watchtlg • 4 years ago

The Rise of Scar, season 2 ep 5

Ashley Cushnie • 6 years ago

OMG!!! Simba and Kion talking to Mufasa!!!!!!

Erik Bihari • 5 years ago

Yeah ever since the movie we waited this first i questione how kion can hear mufasa and then we know that lions in simba's pride can do it. kion of course because he hawe the roar bestoed upon him. Also when kion and simba talking to mufasa wase the episode's highlight as well as the most awesome oment the entire show!, The rest of the episode is the usual young vs old argument fuli is young,inpulsive,inexperienced,inpatient,reckless,arrogant,hot headed,wayward,cocky,stubbern,sometimes egotistical,disrespectful!,while kongwe is experienced,patient,observent,wise but slow,respectful. Seriously guys every once in a while theres a plot like this, wich one of you saw it in another cartoon?(cough:star wars clone wars!)

god of all saiyans • 4 years ago

Kion kinda makes the other non lion guard characters Irrelevant.

Alexandra Longden • 6 years ago


Ryan Perez • 5 years ago

I know. It's about time Simba talks to his Dad.

FuliTheCheetah • 4 years ago

In the trailer for season 3, we see all of the lion guard and some hyenas all talking to Mufassa. So... how exactly did that happen then?

god of all saiyans • 4 years ago

because they were with kion

Ben Caldwell • 6 years ago

Are you going to make an episode called Fears Taking Over.

I don't know, why?

Maisha TLK • 6 years ago

I sympathise with Fuli... her company is very annoying xd

Absolutely XD

FuliTheCheetah • 4 years ago

If I were Fuli I would probably ditch them the first chance I got. I already have two annoying siblings to put up with, and I honestly can't take any more.

Baillie Kitchell • 6 years ago

He's my absolute favorite voice actor.

Erik Bihari • 5 years ago

Some people like to refer to him as the definetive voice of WOLWERINE! And yeah definetly a great voice actor but when i find out that he voiced Vilgax in Ben 10 it wase an undescribable feeling.,No disrespect to Steve Blum he awesome but the majority of he's voices on western shows like The Green Goblin in Spectacular Spiderman,or Starscream in Transformers prime/Robots in Disguise(2015) are usually the scrawny underling tipe whenewer he voices a big muscular and menacing figure like Vilgax or Zeb in star wars rebells it seem off! Yeah he's Green Goblin laugh is Spectacular,wicked and powerful,but steve's voice tone is suited for underlings and more tuff heawy hitter big shots but not ginourmus muscular characters like Zed, Makucha is the excelent example and ballence of he's voice tone!

Alien Gato • 4 months ago

I wonder how long it would take for Kongwe to get to the tree of life.

Jon10kul • 3 years ago

Guys if you rally love the lion guard/king i recomend reed fanfiction of TLG/TLK on wattpad and this story i will post i my best one

MistakesWereMade7 • 3 years ago

yooo that's my fanfic! Thanks dude glad you like!!

Kat • 4 years ago

I’m sorry for all Fuli x Kion shippers, but it’s physically impossible for a lion and cheetah to have children. They are from two different genus, Lions from panthera and cheetahs from acinoyx, meaning the eggs would be unable to be fertilized to produce cubs.

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

You can see that you are one of those people who can not understand that the series Lion Guard does not represent the real world and is not guided by the nature of animals as in the real world

Kat • 4 years ago

I know that. But Fuli and Kion are clearly just friends; and I was just pointing out to the Kuli shippers that through science. And anyway, the show is based off animals in the real world, even if it’s not completely accurate

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

Fuli, Besthe, Ono, Bunga, Kion's best friends since childhood in many scenes only Fuli could comfort Kion, show him support even as Rani said that Kion has the potential to be a leader only one person considered Kion a good leader the rest of friends could not even support Fuli when Kion used a roar in anger and caused dragon island destruction and began to blame who comforted only Fuli

Kratos 999 Yolo • 7 months ago

Did Fuli said that she was going to eat Makucha?

Jasiri • 3 years ago

Makini is ALWAYS losing or breaking her staff! Lucky her she can always replace her staff in the Pridelands

god of all saiyans • 4 years ago

no one 19:38

Cows&Sloths • 4 years ago

I’m glad makucha is better fuli no afens fuli

Cows&Sloths • 4 years ago

Notice makinis staff is always different

Ruth Navarathne • 4 years ago

that's the Makini i know

Bunga the Honey Badger • 4 years ago

Lion Guard is a great show! I can’t believe the show is coming to an end! ://

god of all saiyans • 4 years ago

there will be a season 4

Ecocat Annabelle • 4 years ago

Cheetahs are actually supposed to be good at sharp turns and zigzagging...

veronica • 5 years ago

makini is a little dumb in this episode

veronica • 5 years ago

at 1:54 i really thought that the wisest animal was makini!


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