Season 2Episode 6 Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

The Guard awakens hibernating crocodiles.


kingCreeper 9065 • 4 years ago

Yes I Have A Plan

Kion_The_Lion • 2 years ago

What happened Pua, the last leader of the crocs, i know he was banished from Makuu's float after the Mashindano, but he's not in the outlands.

KurtS15 • 1 year ago

Pua just got banished from the crocodile float, because he lost the mashindano, but he didn't get an exile from the PrideLands

Kibiru tried killing Simba thats why Makuu banished him from the outland. Pua was just exiled from the float as that was the punishment

Pokemon pikachu • 2 years ago

even if they killed simba, he has a heirs (kiara) and kion

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

AND Nala...

Ruth Navarathne • 2 years ago

Ye bruh

morgan • 2 years ago


AllMightyChaos • 2 years ago

who is that scar voice charapter cus its so familiar its like same as star wars the clone wars ... so who is it?

Mrclever • 2 years ago

The same actor also voiced agent kallus in star wars rebels

Matt Ragusa • 2 years ago

It's too bad they never brought ZIra in on Scar's return.

Tyler Ellyson • 2 years ago

Never make Makuu angry.

Alyssa Sanchez • 2 years ago

But, if Makuu kills Ono for such a tiny thing, he will start a war in the Pride Lands.

Ruth Navarathne • 2 years ago


Janja • 3 years ago

Enlighten us now

Liam Evans • 3 years ago

Yes I Have A Plan

Ruth Navarathne • 2 years ago

We wanna know how
Follow My lead that all u need for i have a plan

Kion_The_Lion • 2 years ago

Yes, I have a plan
We'll gather every animal in the Outlands

Ruth Navarathne • 2 years ago

AN- Wait i forgot the rest ;w;

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

15:56 If they would've attacked me, don't ya think that just MAYBE Nala and Kiara would have seen it considering they were RIGHT NEXT TO ME? And MAYBE just MAYBE literally EVERYONE there would realize what was going on? And also, if I would've been killed, that don't automatically give the bad guys power. Hate to break it to ya, Nala would still be Queen.
You villains are just dumb :/

Carissa Belford • 1 year ago

I am tempted to relived Scar return. I may have to do a little freindly consprioy.

Carissa Belford • 1 year ago

I am kind of curious when will the Jackals join Scar’s Army.

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

15:36 Why does everyone want to attack or kill me? What have I ever done?

And your kinda annoying

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

My goodness what do you have against me? Huh? I'm King Simba for crying out loud everyone should like me!

You well abuse you're powers of King and worst of all everyone does what you say/do even if your wrong because your the King. And most time when you mess situations up you find out and excuse. You solve problems of the pridelands with the help of your friends and they get absolutely no credit.

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

I honestly think the only time I ever messed up was when I led The Lion Guard. And in Return of the Roar that wasn't even me I'm not sure who that was.

And in the sink hole and like whenever you show up in the lion guard your just annoying idk why

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

Heh heh

Janja • 1 year ago

You are the king. that's why

Prince • 1 year ago

Don't worrry scar will be defeated

Cows&Sloths • 2 years ago

The crocodile voices are cool but wired

Resident evil • 3 years ago

Hi kion hoppe maku win before was pua

Resident evil • 3 years ago

Why kion is roar cload and make raining?

Colby Blackmon • 3 years ago

Did y'all see scars face when Ushari said then we reptiles will rule the pride lands that was so funny

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

Nothing about him is funny. He's a nut and a murderer 0.0

Katie • 4 years ago

got a quick question. is ono incapable of just saying 'yes'? XD this is for kids and I doubt they would know what 'affirmative' meant

Ben Tarr • 3 years ago

That's like saying "why bother using Swahili?" It's just an opportunity to learn, and it suits his personality.

Colby Blackmon • 3 years ago

I know right

Gortex • 3 years ago

I knew what affirmative meant when I was 6 :T

Jeana Marie Pizzo Maggio • 4 years ago

I'm pretty sure the kids'll know what 'affirmative' means.

babeeweenee • 4 years ago


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