Season 2Episode 5 The Rise of Scar

Ushari seeks to contact a villain from the past: Scar!


Shichibi • 3 years ago

I love that intro so much <3

me too! its really cool

Gabriella Murphy • 2 years ago

This was amazing im so glad that everthing has been cleared up about why Kion was not in the 2nd Lion KIng film. Now i just hope that we either get a Lion King 4 film or get a season 4 of the lion guard it would be amazing if we got both.

god of all saiyans • 1 year ago

we will get a season 4

Cows&Sloths • 1 year ago

Cuz that made lion king 2 before lion gourd

Andrew Jeffery • 3 years ago

32:15 Oh come on Simba!! Have some respect! I mean Rafiki served under both your father and your grandfather.

Askari • 8 months ago

wait who is simba's grandfather?

Simba Jones • 8 months ago


RaveBlitz • 2 years ago

Couldn't even get Jim Cummings to voice Scar..... YOU HAD ONE JOB GUYS!!! COME ON!!!

Ant • 1 year ago

Yeah maybe next time you'll all be my slaves and under my control.

JYD2019 Y • 2 years ago

This is like the movie the return of Jafar

Buck Bufalo • 2 years ago

that intro tho

Andrew Marc • 3 months ago

Scar is creepy cool! When I saw that painting of Scar in the Lion Guard’s layer it gave me the creeps.

Sulcata • 9 months ago


Sue Brow • 1 year ago

How come it's always the girl who gets captured and have her life threatened by the bad guys and have a guy save her.

No offense, there kinda weaker

VAT • 1 year ago

In this instance janja captured kiara cuz he and ushari wanted kion to use the roar to make scar appear, but other wise i rlly dont know.

Uh......I can't decide. • 1 year ago

Hey, did anyome else know about lion king 1/2? Because I didn't until my friend told me...... ._.

Rhxs_ stream • 1 year ago

Is no one gonna talk about the fact that they foreshadowed the tree of life

Hope • 1 year ago

Wait what? When?

Rhxs_ stream • 1 year ago

In the intro song when rafiki is painting he paints the tree of life

Cactus Wren • 1 year ago

The bring back a legend song is so good. Ushari’s part is my favorite.

Cactus Wren • 1 year ago

“No more playing nice.”
You never played nice in the first place Janja

Giovanni Peraza • 1 year ago

Makini is so talkative

morgan • 1 year ago


god of all saiyans • 1 year ago

that´s what you think 47:07

Cows&Sloths • 1 year ago

Shamar is mi lion name

Cows&Sloths • 1 year ago

Why don’t the bad guys ever get food. It’s not fair😢

Cows&Sloths • 1 year ago

Shamar is mi lion name

Cows&Sloths • 1 year ago

I sometimes daydream about lion gourd and I’m the most powerful animal in the outlands( stronger then the lion gourd combine)

Albert Lopez • 1 year ago

Omg, baby Kion!!!

Joe Karthus • 1 year ago

wait Kion had his mane when he was so little

Resident evil • 1 year ago

31:56 i dont think so

Resident evil • 1 year ago

26:52 Its hole s3 Its that picture 😏

Irene Poernomo • 2 years ago

God, everytime I watch this I'm like, "guys come on, give ushari a break!"

Hi every one tlg is realesing the final episode for season 3 then on to season 3 the last episode of season 2 is called fire from the sky

today is my tiime today is my daaay i shall renite with janja and jasiri and the lion guard and be happy and peaceful but i am evil

JhorseyPuma • 2 years ago

Its all Bunga's fault. If it wasn't for him, Ushari wouldn't have have "the last straw" as some motivation for bringing up Scar. Also its obviously part of Makini's fault, but I like her and I really don't like Bunga... so.... yeah.

Liam Evans • 2 years ago

Yeah Bunga At Least Say You're Sorry

Seth McDonell • 2 years ago

but Bunga did not know that a Ushari had a scheme to bring Scar back

JhorseyPuma • 2 years ago

"Remember, talking to bad lions, its a bad idea!"
"I get it Rafiki."
"I do too..."
*Few hours later...*
"Scar! Evil lions of the past! Speak to me!"

JhorseyPuma • 2 years ago

Fuli, awesome second in command.

Joshua Crawford • 2 years ago

or leader when Kion is absent, and no-one questions her

JhorseyPuma • 2 years ago

HOORAY A VICTORY FOR THE VILLAINS. Also they should have actually carried Kiara with the scruff of her neck, instead of dragging her like that. She isn't that big.

JhorseyPuma • 2 years ago

I hope in other episodes, Janja will start feeling like he is lower than Scar, and he doesn't like it. He secretly "escapes," but they catch him again, so Scar is really mad and is going to do something(maybe even murder, in a subtle kids way), but something happens(probably involving the lion guard trying to save something) and he escapes again, with or without his clan. Actually, it would be cool if he did this alone. So he travels to Jasiri's place, ashamed, and talks(or confronts) her. Maybe before that, her clan thinks he is coming to kill her again, and tries to kill her. Then he goes to his territory and somehow his clan is there... ? But um, then he SOMEHOW gets re-accepted into the PLDG(Pride Land Domination Group) and after a bit he decides to relay info to Jasiri, then to the Lion Guard. The LG is skeptical and they dont really trust Janja at first, but soon accept this arrangement. Also there is NO romance between Janja and Jasiri. Its a strictly business relationship. And Janja still kinda hates her for ruining his plans and stuff. Did u like the theory/suggestion?

TheFireDragon • 3 years ago

Did You See Where Janja Just Left The Other Hyena At 04:18,Hilarious !!!

Eric Sanchez • 3 years ago

Bro rafiki is the only one that can stop a :0

JACKIE Lee Jones • 3 years ago

I can't believe this is Ushari and his skink minions for teaming up with the outlanders to help them.

Ashley Cushnie • 3 years ago

That's never get old 32:10 .

Michael Marchetti • 3 years ago

Yes yes now I hire it the water

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