Season 1Episode 21 Never Roar Again

Kion vows to never use the Roar again.


Mac Guy3135 • 4 years ago

I agree.

FuliTheCheetah • 2 years ago

I keep telling Makuu, we don't need the Roar to be a good Lion Guard! More specifically, I can actually do stuff and I don't need Kion to do everything for me! Please stop the femminism!

Idk, you kinda depend on the roar, Kion loses it then the lion guard will get beaten quite easily

FuliTheCheetah • 1 year ago

Uhh, no. Go look at "The Rise of Scar." Go to 43:31 and watch for 30 seconds.

Yeah yeah a one of, but like its not even hard to beat 2 hyenas but the hyenas knew about Kion's roar, I mean like Bunga would have been eaten if it wasn't for Kion's roar and maybe even finished Nala

FuliTheCheetah • 1 year ago

No, no no. Watch a little longer. In that scene alone, I single-handedly take out the ENTIRE hyena clan. All of them. Is that impressive or what?

I mean Janja wasn't there and it was part of their plan, its kinda good but if you struggle against 11 leopards in the Golden Zebra, well without the roar, it will be fair, unless Vitani helps you bye combat cheating you'll stuggle

FuliTheCheetah • 1 year ago

Alright, fair enough. But the Lion Guard has five members, who all have, well, I guess some level of competency. (I'm looking at you, Bunga) That should be more than enough to beat a good number of bad guys!

Probably but not always

FuliTheCheetah • 1 year ago

Oh, really?


FuliTheCheetah • 1 year ago

Prove it.

Waht do you mean? You do I said you'll probably beat most ''bad guys'' with out the roar but not all, right?

FuliTheCheetah • 1 year ago

Okay, well, I lied. Five (six, if you include Anga) Lion Guard members is enough to defeat ALL opposing forces.

You do have six members but when it comes combat is more a less its kinda 5 and 1/4, I mean you kinda struggle against Ora and his 2 friends and Makucha and his friends (Golden Zebra) and thats pretty much it but you said ALL opposing force so if Makuchu brings his what 11-13 friends along with Ora and his friends, Cuilong (The snow leopard, I don't really now how to spell her name) and Mama's porcupines then even with the night pride you'll struggle. And becuase you said ALL opposing forces then if the skinks see Mama's army and they figure out Kion roared then, they could tell them about Scar and they could join the Jackals, Crocs, Vulters. Then the Mwingo brings Mpisi along, the skinks bring Kenge and Sumu and some how they find Mapigino and they bring back Scar. Thats a force even the Lion, Guard Vitani's guard, and Night Pride will struggle defeating

FuliTheCheetah • 1 year ago

Woah, woah. Who said anything about Vitani? In my eyes, her posse are just impostors. Not a real Guard, not by a long shot.

And anyways, I'm sure we'll think of something. We always come through in the end!

Why does everyone hate Vitani? Well its kinda Kions fault he was too scared to have a marshindano, you can thank him.
And like I'd would want to see your solution, honestly I don't think you'd win but because this is disney I'm sure you'll win but in won't be easy

FuliTheCheetah • 1 year ago

Vitani took Kion's job, and her lion friend took mine! And then she up and took all our jobs! We're the Lion Guard! Not them! If I'm not mistaken, a new Lion Guard is formed when the old one dies. And guess what? We're all still alive and young! If it weren't for her, Kion's Lion Guard would still be more than a name, and I'd still be the fastest!

As for my solution, well, It's complicated. It involves advanced tactics, psychology, a couple interrogations, and a bit of luck. And we'll need to think on the fly, and make some of it up as we go. I'm still working out the kinks.

Wow, you don't even now her name - its Kazi- well anyways if Scar builds an army that large your going to need Vitani's help

FuliTheCheetah • 1 year ago

Uhh, no. Not gonna happen.

Well its the pridelanders loss then

Well you say you don't need a roar to be a good lion guard, and it was up to Kion and he backed down so you can blame him, and yeah for me the lion guard is Kion's series but it was also kion who was willing to give it up and now your part of the night pride so its not that big of a loss

FuliTheCheetah • 1 year ago

Not that big of a loss? I'm part of the Lion Guard! At least, I used to. Imagine leaving your home for a month or so to tend to your injured friend, then coming back to see you've been replaced and your old home has forgotten you. That's the kind of pain I'm experiencing!

Upesi • 1 year ago

I always had a problem with the fact that a new "Lion Guard" was formed. You guys fought a war on your own, and the last time you saw Vitani and her lionesses you beat them without problem. They stand no chance against any of you, and you should have remained the true Lion Guard. After all, you guys may not have been traditional but you were what the PrideLands needs. No lion can be Stronger than a hippo, or Braver than Bunga, or have Keener Eyes than Ono or Onga, and no lion could ever be Faster than a Cheetah, let alone Fuli, the Fastest Cheetah in the PrideLands. And there is no way that Viatni (Swahili translation: Vitani = War) can be a more responsible leader than Kion (Swahili translation: Kion = abbreviation for Leader). Kion must have still had venom running through his veins because there is no way that he would see putting Vitani and her prejudice lionesses in charge of the PrideLands security as a good idea.

That was last time and Vitani wasn't fighting and you guys may have been the true lion guard but your weren't in the prideland and Vitani's Guard Kept the pidelands in peace and when Kion returned he agreed you challenge. You say

No lion can be Stronger than a hippo, or Braver than Bunga, or have Keener Eyes than Ono or Onga, and no lion could ever be Faster than a Cheetah, let alone Fuli, the Fastest Cheetah in the PrideLands.

But Besthe and Anga lost and Kion forfit the challenge because he was to scared you compete in the marshindano and so he gave the roar up and the guard. It was all in this hands, and he quit. Meanings of names mean nothing and the whole point of the lion guard is to defend the pridekands not look at who the better leader is.
You may have ''beaten'' Vitani last time but she beat you and overall Vitani's Guard is better than Kion's Guard and the prideland deserves the best and because Vitani's Guard is better they can keep the pridelands safer and not even like Kion and his Guard is going to stay in the pridelands permanetly

cocomocandy • 1 year ago

But how is Vitani's guard better than Kion's guard they don't even have a Hippo, a martial Eagle, Cheetah, Honey Badger or an Egret

Well Vitani's guard did beat the lion guard in a competition, yeah maybe Vitani's guard were smart when choosing but your mind is your advantage. And plus Askaris Original lion guard that defeated an army of bad lions aslo had no Hippo, a martial Eagle, Cheetah, Honey Badger or an Egret

cocomocandy • 1 year ago

yeah but i still don't trust Vitani

Idk, the only bad thing I think Vitani would do we be trying to bring Nuka back but she might fail and bring back Scar Idk

cocomocandy • 1 year ago

she did

Wait what?

Bartek Konieczny • 1 year ago

Kion trusted Vitani and gave her his duties and the roar at the same time Kion entrusted Vitani with protecting his family if Vitani became an enemy she would be able to kill the Kion family

Yup Ik, and she has the roar so she could make Scar and possibably Zira and Nuka come back but her brother is married to Kiara so I don't know if she would and if she used the roar she would lose it forever

A month? You were gone for a lot longer than a month. You weren't even really replaced, they were doing you a favor, would you have preferred the pridelands to fall apart. Plus the pridelands deserves the best and Vitani's Guard won and like you weren't even going to stay in the pridelands so its a good thing the pridelands now have a permanent guard and a guard who come every week to visit there home and now you don't have to be any where near, baboons, stuborn antelopes, Zebras, galligos so that a good thing

FuliTheCheetah • 1 year ago

I know.

And the tree of life isn't bad is it?

FuliTheCheetah • 1 year ago

No, I guess not.

Erm ok
Doesn't seem like it but ok..

FuliTheCheetah • 1 year ago

Look, as far as I'm concerned, my home is the Pride Lands, and my role to play is the Fastest member of the Lion Guard. But that's all gone now. Kion may have had a happy ending, but not me.

Some kind of leader Kion turned out to be, you join his guard, help him to the the tree of life and then after all that he gives your role away you an outsider and worse of all he doesn't even consult, yes maybe he ask you if you want to defend the tree of life but what are supposed to say infront of the whole pridelands?
Imagine losing your role (even though you're the best) just because your friend is being selfish
Well Kion's win is you loss I guess

FuliTheCheetah • 1 year ago

I guess.


Upesi • 1 year ago

You are completely right, FuliTheCheetah! Vitani's "Guard" doesn't even respect the circle of Life. Kion gave away your jobs without consulting you or the rest of the Guard, and he didn't ask if you wanted to leave your home, family, and friends to live at the Tree of Life. That isn't fare.

Idk about if the don't respect the circle of life. But I agree if the rest

cocomocandy • 1 year ago

I don't think Kion was scared he just didn't want Vitani to get hurt cuz she doesn't know what the Roar could do

Idk, Vitani was trained to be a warrior

cocomocandy • 1 year ago

by who

Zira, Vitani's name mean warrior and in TLK2 Zira trained all of her lioness along with Kovu

Alyssa Sanchez • 2 years ago

Yeah! Women are no longer damsels in distress! We're independent who can do things for ourselves, especially you, Fuli!

TheFireDragon • 3 years ago

Makuu Judges To Easily,I Hate Him For Saying Kion Is A Coward,He Just Doesn`t Wanna Be Scar

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