Season 1Episode 17 Janja's New Crew

Janja concocts a plan to sideline the Guard.


Diana Law • 5 years ago


Kiara Lioness • 5 years ago

I have today done what Janja did slip on mud my mom and friends were with me I'm so glad they are not furbrains they did not slide after me XD. LOL.

Nala • 3 years ago

Hello Kiara!

Gary • 2 years ago

Hello Queen Nala you are so beautiful

Lord herobrine • 2 years ago

hey bud

The Lion Guard • 3 years ago

Hi Kiara It's Kion!!!

Jasmin • 6 years ago


Big stupid kat • 4 years ago

The cop out when the hyenas are singing Kion's Lament make me giggle every time.

Bogdana Trivak • 5 years ago

Chungu sings "Kion's lament"?

Kurt Scicluna • 3 years ago


Kiara Lioness • 5 years ago

Hahaha Oh wow! I always get good laughs when watching The Lion Guard this series is very great always makes me Lol. I been rewatching my favorite series again I am going to rewatch both season 1 and 2 I love The lion guard very much. Oh wow! I wonder what would happen if I ever sliped on mud like Janja did. that never happened yet to me but if it ever does happen hopefully my friends won't be fur brains Lol. and Wow Cheezi and Chungu are still very dumb but also really funny Aw man the dumb ones always make me laugh in stuff that I love to watch.

wildfire • 3 years ago

yeah sometimes i do that too shame its still ongoing about making a new season i even had a dream there was anew season but that was a totally different thing. Oh and one more thing for those who want to have a new season of the lion guard there's a petition online it called and there's a petition about the lion guard making a new season!!!

John Pass • 5 years ago


Jasmin • 6 years ago

Ok..Janja is nice.... WHEN HES SCARED! HA HA HA HA!

khj hjm • 8 months ago

Da 2 dumbest animals in all of movie/tv show/cartoon ever goes to, Cheezi and Chungu, Chungu is short for Chungus fun fact.

The Lion Guard • 3 years ago

How come Janja's clan knows Lion Guard songs like:
Kion's Lament song=Chungu's Lament song
Look Out here comes the Lion Guard: It's in the Rise of Scar when Janja's clan sings to Kiara

Krystal • 3 years ago

One thing I never understood is why Nne and Tano just became background characters in Janja’s clan again. It would’ve been interesting to see the clan suddenly seperate into two, maybe with the guard needing to save Janja more than once. But I’m sure these two only got development for the plot convience

Carissa Belford • 3 years ago

None of my family slid on mud. We must have good grip strength. Even with very slippery mud. I have been to a bunch of palces where there is more mud but not a mud slide. I have fall down because toes got caught on crack. I know my brother and Father broke there bones more than once. I haven’t borken a bone. Even though I deal with pain and slowly but brave.

Carissa Belford • 3 years ago

I will say this is my favorite espoide. I just realized that this was last episode I watched. I have never complete a series.

ethan • 3 years ago

when chungo sang it was the the same as "it is time" (dont judge spelling)

Pokemon pikachu • 4 years ago

they would have been smarter if they used zebra's as a distraction

Kat • 6 years ago

I did that thing Janja did when he slid on the mud. Wasn’t watching where I was going fell and slid for a good distance. Good my friends aren’t fur brains and didn’t slid after me

Cytix Artz And Games • 6 years ago


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