Season 1Episode 16 The Trouble with Galagos

The Guard helps a Leopard stand up to a bully.


Kevin Pridelander • 5 years ago

I feel like how a youtuber online friend of mine feels Mopagono has got to be related to Mukucha to me and my youtuber friend hearing voices for Mopagono that leapord seems to be older with a older voice and Makucha with a teenager voice I and youtuber Kiara LionessTM {Kiara Fray Fairchild} feel that Mopagono is Makucha's father because there both very not nice. It seems to me they are Father and Son. I respect anyone oppions if they think oppsite that there brothers but to me they seem more Father and Son like to me.

Kiara Lioness • 5 years ago

I agree with you to they do seem like father and son They for sure are related in some way.

Alyssa Sanchez • 3 years ago

Although I think that Makucha is Mapigano's father and not the other way around.

Troy Rogue Lion • 5 years ago

That is how I think of it as well they do seem like Father and Son they gotta be that is the way it feels to me. but same for me I'll also respect others oppions.

Askari’s Cool • 3 years ago

Yeah, I almost thought that they were the same..

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

Really they don't look or act the same

Blue Shadow • 4 years ago

Is it odd every time i hear the lepord talk all i can see is fix it Felix

Troy Rogue Lion • 5 years ago

Oh Bunga XD I love rewatching episodes of The Lion Guard I am fine with it I still don't care that i'm soon gonna be 18 on febuary 3rd I'll always love The Lion King and The Lion Guard that part where Bunga says to Ono you can teach him how to fly. XD. yeah totally what he can do even though Badili was a lepord and they don't have wings LOL Bunga wow. that part was great.

ecocat annabelle • 5 years ago

This episode has great inspiration. We all have a roar. You just have to reach inside yourself and find it. 💘😽

The Thunder Pack • 3 years ago

I like this episode because it teaches me to stand up to a neighbor but it doesn't work.

WentHulk • 3 years ago

Unfortunately not all bullies back down

Carissa Belford • 3 years ago

I remember old meriores. I am 14 year old. I was 5th grade and I help kids standing up herself, I only use ability to protect my family, friends, and myself.

Alex Dowie • 3 years ago

*memories , *year's, *in, *for, *my
Just the words you missed.

sniper3d • 4 years ago

Mapagano: Your just a scared-cat

WentHulk • 4 years ago

A pity that some bullies don't back down when stood up to. Fortunately Mapagano isn't one of them.

WentHulk • 4 years ago

Mapagano shouldn't have just declared that tree his turf.

Brony Time • 4 years ago

I was wondering what the heck the voice actor for Fix it Felix was doing in this. Then i remembered this is Disney Junior.

Samuel • 4 years ago

Kion i love what you did for maldey if it weren't for you and the lion guard he probley been kill or hurt by Mopagono

Adrian Cry Tobias • 5 years ago

i love badili

Liam Evans • 5 years ago

Fix it Felix

kopaisoutthere • 5 years ago

fuli wow!

Ruth Navarathna • 5 years ago

I am gonna to put a song call Glory of love as the theme song of the lion king you must being wondering how young I am , I am 11 years old I am a kid My grade is 7 I am a sri Lankan girl

Cytix Artz And Games • 6 years ago

this episode is cooool!!! :3

Cytix Artz And Games • 6 years ago

Wowie the episode of zimwi was so hilarious i could'nt stop laughing xD

Ruth Navarathna • 5 years ago

Yeah I know everyone screams when there see two brothers there are Just sleeping that's all it is very funny a lot funny

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