Season 3Episode 19 Return to the Pride Lands

A rival Lion Guard is formed in the Pride Lands.


Troy Rogue Lion • 4 years ago

Greatness more needs to come maybe a shock will come hopefully a change of plan The Lion Guard season 4 comes out. would be awesome but we well just have to wait and see.

XVo_rtex • 4 years ago

The lion guard creator said write to Disney for the lion guard season 4

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

But if ford Riley wrote to Disney for a new season this won’t be lion guard anymore for the name of the serie 🤔cause the real lion guard isn’t anymore the lion guard they’re guardian from the tree of life and Kion is king. The lion guard now it’s the lionesses of Vitani . But I really hope for a season 4

Blue Shadow • 4 years ago

Maybe a season 4 or new series about kion and the new night pride beacuse i think we all want more of the tree of life night pride and kion and rani king and queen

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

It’s a shame they didn’t show more for Rani and Kion , exemple i when Kion said to Rani he must go back to the pridelands , I was excepted that Rani was a little

Blue Shadow • 4 years ago

Ikr i wanted to see more i really hope they contiue

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

I hope too but idk why I think this will really happen

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

Something does not suit me here why the developers replaced Fuli on Rani, see that what Rani did was Fuli had the same with Kion, that is, it had to be planned to finish season 3 with Kion and Rani because otherwise the creators would still let Fuli continue to look after Kion otherwise the story would have happened and they did differently to be able to write the 4th season directly from the relationship of Kion and Rani to be able to explain the relationship of Kion and Fuli

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

They replaced Fuli by Rani cause would not understand a lion married with a cheetah. At first I didn’t wanna believe that but after thinking and see the moments between Kion and Rani ....let’s be serious I think it’s better like that really 🤷🏾‍♂️

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

We will wait for Disney's answer if they say they planned the 4th season before the end of story 3, it means that my theory will become a fact

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

If there’s really the next of the episodes in the future , this won’t be called lion guard again , just a theory I can’t be 100 percent sure about if the name will change or not . The lion guard of Kion isn’t the lion guard of the pridelands anymore and now Kion will ruling the tree of life with Rani

3452 • 4 years ago


Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

I don't want to say anything, but the creators could make Kion fall in love with Rani to finish season 3 and write season 4, but they might also want to end the series "lion guard forever with this ending" but after watching all the episodes of season 3 I can say it's artificial love but everyone has their opinions

Alex Dowie • 4 years ago

We know who has real love

Affaan Fakih • 4 years ago

If you are thinking of Rani saying she wants the roar to return, it is that she as queen wants the roar to stay as per her grandmother's wish and she as Rani wants Kion to stay because she loves him.

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

Some people said rani just want the roar and not Kion so that’s why he’s better with Fuli but NO ! . Rani only said that for respected her grandmother last wish and she has true feelings for Kion , proof from the episode 18 she’s the one who make the first step and proposes to Kion to marry her so becoming her king . This is really true feelings

Affaan Fakih • 4 years ago

Thank you!
Finally someone who understands!

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

You’re welcome 😉but I admit before seing the last episodes of season 3 I was shiping Kion x Fuli but when I see Kion and rani I totally forgot about Kionx Rani

Colton • 4 years ago

No Kion IS better with Fuli they have known each other far longer and have had more moments plus this is Disney impossible things happen like a Lion and Cheetah I’m sorry but Kion and Rani ruined this show

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

I don't know if you know, but if you take a good look at the lion guard series, you'll notice what Disney really planned for Kion and Rani's relationship is just for Kion to stay with his friends at the tree of life until the end of the season, the relationship between Kion and Rani was to hide the true intentions from us Disney and Ford Rilay related to the series people were to stop believing that Kion and Fuli will be together just to surprise us Disney himself said that there is a chance for a new season not a new series so Disney did not plan to continue the relationship between Kion and Rani used him only to keep Kion and his friends by the tree of life and to mislead us so that we do not discover the truth only stubborn people like me who are looking for every detail that has been specifically given to know what they mean but is only able to discover not many people and others will not believe it anyway because they will stare at a relationship between Kion and Rani that isn't even a relationship really

Whyaresomeanimegirlssohot • 4 years ago

or everything you've said is from someone who really want FulixKion and just think up different stories so that they can have some hope of the ship left...
I don't think anything's gonna change, if there ever comes a new season it's most likely gonna be about Rani and Kion ruling over the tree of life...

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

I will only agree with you as Disney announces Spin-Of which will develop the theme of Night Pride if the lion guard series is over then Disney will opt for Spin-Of of course if they are going to continue the stories of Kion and Rani

Alex Dowie • 4 years ago

you shouldn't apologize for having an opinion.

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

It’s your opinion

Joshua Crawford • 4 years ago

I'm trying to look at things from all view points here, but I do find the roar theory interesting. If Rani did propose, it could've been just for the roar. But you're right that she might actually like Kion himself

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

Yeah she want both , kion and the roar cause she love him

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

I would agree with you that Rani wants Kion and a roar, but she made it
clear when Kion left for Pridelands, that maybe the roar would come
back, said that maybe Kion would come back when Kion returned to the
tree of life, she said that she was glad that the roar had returned, and
she said nothing that Kion had returned, she used one instead of both,
because if she cared for Kion she would use both

ღTigrescaღ • 4 years ago

You are aware that "The Roar" literally means Kion, right?

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

Kion doesn't need a roar to be a leader, just because Kion won't have a roar doesn't mean he'll be another person

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

No she was really glad when he comes back but it’s still a shame to not put Kion with Fuli after all this hints about them

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

Did Kion use the word my friend in the direction of Fuli ?

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

I know what you mean and I agree with you . I’ll tell you what really happened, in my opinion Fuli was really having feels but when she met azaad she was having a little crush on him but nothing much and then when she saw Kion falling in love with rani and the return of azaad she chooses azaad cause she was already knowing with Kion she can’t he already have someone now

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

Only you can see that this is a small problem, that Azaad is older than Fuli, and then you can deduce, after his general appearance, after he is the older brother of Fula or her father have the same eye color

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

No I don’t think they’re from the same family cause they’re not the same species of cheetahs

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

See, I noticed an interesting thing Kion said at Fuli that Rani could have become a good friend also Fuli could not see anything between Kion and Rani which would indicate that they are a pair of Kion neither said anything to anyone Rani also did not tell anyone about her relationship with Kion

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

King Cheetah is not a species. This is the same breed, it only differs in color and size of spots. It's the same as we have black and white cats.

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

At first glance, we see something else look at exactly what Kion says even stupid sentence the creator gave a dialogue that does not match what was shown I checked if this is a translation error but not the creators introduced such a Kion sentence that Kion does not answer Rani about feelings only on another topic not related to feelings is this fragment before the song Kion and Rani after Rani said that she meant it and Kion only Kion responds with a sentence that does not agree with what is shown

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

Rani's behavior towards Kion from episodes 12 to 14, she behaved to Kion as if he were her enemy

Kion • 3 years ago

I agree with you king kion and queen rani are truly in love and when a 4th season is made I hope we see cubs

Guest • 4 years ago
Whyaresomeanimegirlssohot • 4 years ago

what makes you think she's only in it for the roar... There was a lot of reasons for her to fall in love with him...
1. She has acknowledged his skill in being a leader.
2. They have had great moments together.
3. He was there for her when her grandma died.
4. He was there to give her confidence in becoming a queen when she had close to none...
5. And in a lions eyes, he's good looking...
6.Just admit it, THEY LOOK GREAT TOGETHER!!!

Sure He'd known Fuli a long time... but not once in this entire show did i see any signs that they'd be together... Sure during season 3 they were interacting with each other more than usual, but that was because she was worried about one of her best friends turning into a second Scar, she's trustworthy and because Kion was turning evil... oh wait i already said that...

Forgot to mention this... The only reason she was speaking about the roar was because her Grandma's last wish was for the roar to stay in the tree of life!

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

If Fuli is Kion friend, then who is the rest of the guard lion for him, since they don't care for Kion as much as Fuli, she worries about him the most, he respects Kion or Simba trusts only Fuli, and the rest of the guard lion treats them as enemies that he doesn't trust to entrust the entire lion guard with the task of bringing Kion home, the Island of Dragons episode is a good example. Kion uses a roar in anger and causes destruction and blames himself and who comforts him only Fuli the rest does nothing, explain to me why the episode of the reflection lake when Rani says Kion that he has the potential to be a leader who defends Kion, only Fuli, no one but all of his friends bothers that Rani said that or they have a similar opinion about Kion as a leader

Whyaresomeanimegirlssohot • 4 years ago

okay, so let's say, you're childhood friend and you are really close.
She is a calm and nice person, and knows almost all about you.
you got 4 childhood friends in total (including her)
One of them are nice to everyone.
One is the weird one who says stupid things at a stupid time without noticing that's they're being rude.
One is a Smart ass.
One is a fast calm and nice person.
All of them are very close to you and know a lot about you.
They see that you are having a hard time, but don't know how to help... except the one who doesn't know what he's saying...
The nice one, Being the nice person she is starts talking to you out of concern. (Asking if you're okay or smth)

What you are saying is that Just because she's nice and close to you she's in love with you...
which is stupid.
I mean, i had a similar situation in my life, me and a childhood friend were extremely close, both of us has had tough life's... I even planned on killing myself, she talked to me and helped me realize that life had more to give... after that i started falling for her... and at some point asked her out.
She declined :)
so no, the past, and how close you've been doesn't matter at all when it comes to love.

Guest • 4 years ago
Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

We will soon find out who is right in this topic

Guest • 4 years ago
Andrew Jeffery • 4 years ago

Oh crap. What have I done?

Alex Dowie • 4 years ago

1.Either that or all you FulixKion shippers are a bunch of fucking retards.
2.The retarded furry is strong with every word that comes out of your mouth, Polski.
3.Okay boomer.
don't even try and play victim

god of all saiyans • 4 years ago

Thank you.

Andrew Jeffery • 4 years ago

I'm not. I just feel bad that I caused all this negativity lately.

Jasiri • 3 months ago

Hello everybody

Jennifer • 4 months ago

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Can't Think Of A Username • 3 months ago

Wish for a change, the villains would win

egege • 5 months ago

heyeveryone other episode will be on disny

Can't Think Of A Username • 5 months ago

What do you mean? New season? Are you sure?

King Kion • 9 months ago

When lion guard season 4 coming out and it not canceled the ford riley guy just got contract expired

hash_ak_gik • 1 year ago

3:10 Something intriguing about the battle of the Guards is that Kion´s team was clearly outmatched.

Bunga was throw away so easily and couldn´t even react to.

Beshte meets his equal and was even losing ground against her.

Fuli was the fastest but was unable to even jump to reach her target.
Plus, she would have been completely overpowered when it comes to bites and claws anyway.

And Kion was struggling and needed the assistance of the birds to distract Vitani to make a counter attack against her. And after that, he was ready to roar to get rid of all of them.

Honestly, without the mighty Roar they are nothing.

hash_ak_gik • 1 year ago

Lions are stronger, good swimmers and climbers, and can even dig up too.

Plus they have a great sense of smell and can see in the dark/night too.

So, the Guard returning to an all Lion crew again makes more sense.

Shiva • 1 year ago

Someone knows when will the
season 4 of lion guard releases

Mr.Kay • 1 year ago

There is no fourth season of The Lion Guard. Season 3 is the last season.

zuuzuu • 1 year ago

how can a lion push a rock with an ELEPHANT on it. Impossible. still elephants my number one favorite animal. :)

hash_ak_gik • 1 year ago

I mean, how can a Lion summon lightning with a roar? or a twister? or even lift giant rocks!

Samuel • 1 year ago

I don't know why, this is the third time watching the show, but I cried my eyes out during this episode. And I am 17! I love it so much. I probably shouldn't cry, but I did.

Mzingo • 1 year ago

Long live king Azaad!

Hello I'm back

Lord herobrine • 1 year ago

Guys Stop with all of the mad comments. Us your time for something actually sensible. Season 4 is most probably not going to come, Disney closed the Lion guard almost 3 years ago so stop putting so many unnecessary comments.

Mr.Kay • 1 year ago

Finally, someone with common sense.

Mr.Kay • 1 year ago

All of y'all in the comments are stupid as hell, I'm sorry just what the fuck.

There is no Season 4 coming. There never was. The whole "Disney never confirmed or denied if S3 was the last" is utter bullshit that fans made up because they couldn't accept the fact that their favorite show is over. Mercury Filmworks wrapped up production of the show in the same year that it ended. Ford Riley himself continued to say this countless times, that he no longer works for Disney and calls no shots on the future of the show and that Disney won't continue the series because it's over.

He also said that Kion and Fuli are not canonically a couple in the show and that Fuli sees Kion as a brother, and Kion sees Fuli as a second-in-command. Now you're free to ship them, but don't try and act like that Kion and Fuli were ever destined to come together, or call Ford Riley a liar or a troll for simply denying something that you like:

But did y'all listen or use your heads? No. Instead you attack and harass the writers and each other for simply disagreeing with you. If you open the comments, all I see is a bunch of [what I can only assume are] children spouting a bunch of ableist slurs at each other for liking Kion x Fuli, or for not liking Rani, or for liking the ships in the 3rd season, and spreading a bunch of false info and bullshit about S4. It's fucking nuts.

Face the facts: There is no Season 4, Kion x Fuli isn't canon, you're allowed to hate Kion x Rani. Don't make a long-ass comment thread because you can't accept either of those.

Me personally? I used to like Season 3 and how the show ended but within the 3 years that the show has been over, I've grown to utterly hate the final season and how it ended the show, what with all the failed fanservice, the annihilation of the pilot's message, the forced romance, the failed setups and pointless twists. And I'm personally glad we're not getting a 4th season because it would make the show even worse than the ending made it.

Anubhav Thakur • 1 year ago

ok but don't use profanity...
we are tlg lovers so we all are sad
I agree that season 4 will not come but thats not the way to talk

Mr.Kay • 1 year ago

I'm not going to be patient when it comes to fans lying and spreading/enabling misinfo, harassing content creators to continue the series, and attacking others when it comes to ships. It's been four years and people haven't gotten over themselves.

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

The hate in this fandom for disliking / liking certain ships is OVER THE TOP.

Mr.Kay • 1 year ago

Ik, and like, ppl can have reasons for disliking ships. I dislike Kion and Rani because it's wasted potential, and the fact that Rani was pushed to the back end of the final season made that ship rushed. But I can tolerate those who like it. But some people, whether like or hate the ship go completely over the top. I've deadass seen people go on Instagram and publicly harass Ford Riley to make a 4th season that has Kion and Fuli just because they were disappointed with Kion getting with Rani. Really fucking petty.

And the people hating on those for shipping Kion with Fuli and Jasiri because it's interspecies... this is a universe where animals have human-consciousness - Not being able to have children isn't a reason why a couple shouldn't get together and insinuating it does is very telling. Not ever Kion x Fuli shipper is as crazy as the ones I pointed above, and I don't excuse the actions of those who have done that crap before, but I really do empathize with them getting that stupid "They can't get together bc they can't have babies."

All in all, the shipping portion of the fandom during Season 3's run and the fall-out after that is probably the worst era during the entire LK fandom's runtime.

All in all, the shipping

Timothy Wayne Carroll • 2 years ago

will kion see his parents in season 4?

Mr.Kay • 1 year ago

No, because there is no Season 4 coming.

Kovu • 2 years ago

I’m so glad I changed sides

Kovu • 2 years ago

I looooove kiara so much

Kion • 2 years ago

Ahhh yes. King of the Tree of Life!

Kopa Anderws • 2 years ago

their must be a lion guard season 4

Kovu • 2 years ago

Do u guys know any other videos I would want to watch

wang simba • 2 years ago

Have the new ep. for season 4??

Allie Soapway • 3 years ago

Okay, that was FAR from fair. Beshte would have won if it hadn't been for the sun harming his skin. They should have redone it. But I guess the makers wanted to set up the end where it was tied and Kion decided Vitani was fiercer than he was.

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

Yeah but I guess it was the lion on Vitani's side who chose the challenge so it wouldn't be fair.

Jasiri • 3 years ago

Helloooo! Any updates on Season 4?

Bartek Konieczny • 3 years ago

There will be no 4th season, but we can count on some spin-off if it ever happens
All in all, I have already accepted that it is over

Lord herobrine • 3 years ago

thanks for the follow.

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

I'm hopefully

Jasiri • 3 years ago

I still haven't made up my mind.

Jasiri • 3 years ago

I wonder if........... What if...... Kion teaches Vitani how to use the roar. So it would be like Askari teaches Kion the roar and Kion teaches Vitani what he learns.

THIYAM SINGH • 3 years ago

yes it is very sad

Jasiri • 3 years ago


king siby • 3 years ago

good luck to you and the guard bunga

Simba Jones • 3 years ago

Hey ya'll I just wanted to say that I'm sorry if I've irritated any of you guys lol I'm just messing around.
Obviously I'm not the real Simba becuz Simba isn't real, obviously I didn't talk to Rani because SHE ISN'T REAL. I made it simply for entertainment and comedy. It's all in good fun ya'll, it's not my intent to annoy any of you guys. We're all TLG fans, so lets just get along? I'm tired of arguing over if I'm the real Simba, OBVIOUSLY I'M NOT THE REAL SIMBA lol
Lets just go back to the usual here and discuss TLG, okay?

Tiifu • 3 years ago

Yes, ty!!

Jasiri • 3 years ago

LOL. I could read this a million times.

Simba Jones • 3 years ago

Guess that means I'm a good writer :)

Tiifu • 3 years ago

Im a good writer too!!

Lord herobrine • 3 years ago

I see

Jasiri • 3 years ago


Jasiri • 3 years ago


Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago


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