Season 3Episode 18 Journey to the Pride Lands

Kion uses the Roar to help the Lion Guard return home.


Fathan • 1 year ago

This can't stop now! We need a season 4 ! Who's with me lion guards ?

divu kaur • 1 year ago

season 4 OR a new sequel show entirely extending this story

Anthony • 1 year ago

I agree we need season 4

Absolutely, the Night Pride is amazing.

Polish Jerry • 1 year ago

Not entirely but here's my idea: The thing is that could be making a movie. Or that they are making a more adolescent version of The Lion Guard, meant for older viewers because Kion is now married with Rani. Also the ending makes absolutely no sense AT ALL! An ending is supposed to wrap up all that has been going on. This ending doesn't feel conclusive, it feels as if something new is beginning. Like a new spin-off (as I previously mentioned). They could call it "The Night Pride" or "Adventures in The Tree of Life". Another aspect/version of this (to make it more understandable) that makes no sense is the marriage. Kion and Rani agree to rule The Tree of Life together and get married then BOOM. The entire series ends. (Me inside my brain: Excuse me, WTF!, this makes no sense!!!)

Who knows?

In my opinion I find my ideas the most logical with also pleasing the fans :)

Guest • 1 year ago
Polish Jerry • 1 year ago

(no offence) So you would want Kion to leave Rani and go back to the Pride Lands, kick Vitani out even though he gave her and her guard the mark, and get the mark back. I don't think that's how it works.
Also I don't know that they are going to name the new series. This is just a fan made guess.

Guest • 1 year ago
Brandon Mueller • 1 year ago

That doesn't sound like a good story at all. Disney should bring Kopa back into the story who seeks healing at the tree of like.

Aqif Iftiyaad • 1 year ago

Why can't it be like the reptiles tries to take over the pridelands and its getting too hard for vitani's lion guard too fight against them so simba calls for the night pride to help them.

Guest • 1 year ago
Alex Dowie • 1 year ago

Your version is a bit grim

Alex Dowie • 1 year ago

Wai wait wait how in the pridelands do you type with paws because those are some super natural talents!

Guest • 1 year ago
Alex Dowie • 1 year ago

Sounds unpleasant

Can't Think Of A Username • 6 months ago

Yeah that be epic

sos • 1 year ago


Simba Jones • 6 months ago

Whoa whoa whoa...
Hi, um, excuse me, um.
Did you say, the assassination of SIMBA????

YOU WANT ME DEAD????!!!!!!

Can't Think Of A Username • 6 months ago

I mean I'm down for it

Askari • 5 months ago

Fuli and Azaad should have kids not what you said

o0o0o0o0o • 1 year ago

Wow nice version! I think maybe there could be a movie of like someone being taken by humans? And a mission to save them? Idk, that’s just an idea I had but I think your version is kinda better.

Polish Jerry • 1 year ago

wow thats... interesting.
And when does Simba get assassinated and how?

Guest • 1 year ago
Polish Jerry • 1 year ago

wow yeah it is, I can't wait to read it. When will it be released?

Guest • 1 year ago
Polish Jerry • 6 months ago

Bruh oml i completely forogt about this.
I can't blame you if you don't see this, however, is your thing released. I would be keen to read it :)

god of all saiyans • 1 year ago

You gotta love Narnia, it´s my favorite mythical series.

Guest • 1 year ago
god of all saiyans • 1 year ago

did you know the guy who made narnia was religious and that´s why in The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe he sacrifices himself like jesus did for all of us.

Polish Jerry • 1 year ago

Can't wait!
I love your ideas!

Guest • 1 year ago
Polish Jerry • 1 year ago


Guest • 1 year ago
Guest • 1 year ago
Polish Jerry • 1 year ago

I like the title.

You should name the next books like 'The Lion Guard: In The Dark' or The Lion Guard: Evil Whispers

Guest • 1 year ago
god of all saiyans • 1 year ago

Lion Guard: From The Ashes sounds like a new pair of baddies but harder to defeat.

Guest • 1 year ago
god of all saiyans • 1 year ago

Yeah, also thank you for talking to me, I thought no one would talk to me anymore.

Polish Jerry • 1 year ago

Disney is dead soooo... And where is your proof of this?
Just asking for a friend...

Kion_The_Lion • 1 year ago
fan support needed here

agron989 • 1 year ago

I agree with you it shouldn't have ended like this

Can't Think Of A Username • 6 months ago

The ending makes no sense but it was teasing another season but so far there is no so its kinda confusing

Polish Jerry • 6 months ago

Oh jeez this convo is still going after a full on year.
But yeah, the ending doesn't make sense.
The ending was more provocative and teasing than an actual cliffhanger.
But it has been a year and no response from both Disney and the fandom. I am indeed losing hope

Cean Tam • 1 year ago

I am with you buddy!

Troy Rogue Lion • 1 year ago

I'm with you 100%

Tiger • 1 year ago

Maybe it can't have season 4 because the show is namedThe Lion Guard And now they are in th night pride, so there's no more Lion guard and if it continues the show's name won't make sense but maybe they can do something about it

kion • 1 year ago

me to

agron989 • 1 year ago

I'm you too buddy i mean Rani and the night pride was just introduced. Not mention also of Anga joining them too we need more of this

ghostlydragon • 1 year ago

Totally agree. I want to see more of the Night Pride and more of how Kiara and Kovu take care of the Pridelands. I just hope they get bigger if that is done, at least Kiara and Kovu should be grown by now and Kion and Rani are supposed to be adolescents.

Jasiri • 3 days ago

Sorry for the long silence 🤐. But I have been quite busy with work. I don't know I'm always tired after. But whatever. 🤗 So any updates on Season 4 for
TLG? Anything, even if the roardigger thing or the battle if there is a Season 4 for TLG.

Rani, Rani • 3 days ago

Rani isn't a roardigger, she's just a poorly developed character.

Jasiri • 3 days ago

Thank You!

Rani, Rani • 4 days ago
Don't be fooled by the episodes master editing, because this is how it ACTUALLY sounded!

Bartek Konieczny • 1 week ago

Kion giving Vitatni
roar knowingly exposes his family to

Simba Jones • 1 week ago

So they were seriously gonna stay, and not even let The Pridelands know??? So Simba and Nala and Kiara have no idea if they're okay, if Kion is healed, or if he lost control of the roar and killed everyone?

Lord herobrine • 1 week ago

well the return did said that kion is healed and the the crowning also happend, simba, Nala, Kovou, and Kiara were there

Simba Jones • 6 days ago

I was talking about before they went home. The only reason they did was cuz Jasiri and Janja, they were considering staying and not going back at all.

Bartek Konieczny • 1 week ago

Yes, Kion consciously wanted to stay in the tree of life, not returning to Pridelands, he didn't even think that the family would worry about him, but the rest of the lion's guard did not think to convince Kion to return and the reason why they had to return to Pridelands. The last 2 episodes were so bad done hastily and without thinking

FAZAL • 2 weeks ago

The song between kion and rani is like can u feel the love the love tonight between simba and nala right?
If u understand then explain it to others by replying to my comment ok? plz

Bartek Konieczny • 3 weeks ago

You heard Kion respond to Rani when she confesses to him feelings Kion did not answer that he felt the same for Rani did for him after all Kion said a word which completely did not match what Rani told him as if Kion did not understand Rani
maybe it's a bug or a deliberate act by the creators

Makan • 2 months ago

Sweet kion and rani are soooooooo cute together

Lord herobrine • 3 months ago

I have faith in kion and his guard i have already appeared in these series..... near IMPOSSIBLE to notice me

Kurt Scicluna • 5 months ago

You know, one of those Leopards that's Makucha's friend, he looks like Mapigano

Simba Jones • 5 months ago

4:02 Look! She just said it: "Having you here by my side, would help me rule this land"
She don't love him! She only wants him because he makes her job easier.

Simba Jones • 6 months ago

Rani only wants Kion for his roar. There. I said it!

Can't Think Of A Username • 6 months ago


wildfire • 11 months ago

fulis spots are not right for a cheetah there leopard spots not cheetah

Can't Think Of A Username • 10 months ago

yes well Azaard spots are right and its disney

wildfire • 11 months ago

kion is blinded by love with rani fuli and azaad is so definite and max Charles who plays kion his voice has really changed when he sings

Autummn • 11 months ago

KOPA KOPA i need kopa back ne can reutnr and see his brother as king of the tree of life!! i need a sequal a movie or season 4

Can't Think Of A Username • 11 months ago


heelameerul 24 • 11 months ago

Like father like son

isaias • 12 months ago


Carissa Belford • 12 months ago

The fun part when I watched this I said “ Exact same word as ono. I am smartest and keenest of sigthin my family. I have almost
Good vision. I will say I very smart.

Alex Dowie • 12 months ago

* I will say I am very smart

Are you new to English?

Ref;alefignngoignsudofng • 1 year ago

Why does Kion always make weird jokes? Like in the Return of the Roar, Kiara asks what he’s gonna be when he grows up and he says that he’s gonna be happy and now he’s making another weird joke. •_•

heelameerul 24 • 11 months ago

because he was immature before

woimgw;weroijgtjewb • 1 year ago

I think Rani and Kion’s love is fake. Rani only wants the roar so I think Kion and Fuli would work better since Fuli is the person who cares most about Kion. Who’s with me?

Bartek Konieczny • 2 weeks ago

I will say this if there is ever a
4 season
lion guard or a spin-off, we will be able to watch Rani if ​​she does not love Kion it will be easy to see 3 things
1-How Rani will treat Kion
2-Will Rani want to solve most problems in the tree of life by roar instead of cooperating
3-Will Rani continue to treat Kion as partner or king without felings for Kion

Bartek Konieczny • 2 weeks ago

I am with u

FAZAL • 2 weeks ago

I am with u

Simba Jones • 2 weeks ago


heelameerul 24 • 11 months ago

they cared for each other , dont look at their 'rivalry part'

Bartek Konieczny • 1 year ago

Rani was very aggressive towards Kion in the episode of Patience River

The Lion guard insider • 11 months ago

Kion and rani are in love dum

cocomocandy • 1 year ago

lol i love her eyes

Emilio • 1 year ago

cocomocandy • 1 year ago

not those eyes

FAZAL • 2 weeks ago


Emilio • 8 months ago

Get it? my reaction?

cocomocandy • 8 months ago

yea i get it

Kion • 8 months ago

When did come back?

cocomocandy • 8 months ago

i honestly have no idea

Kion • 7 months ago

Place your best how long will this one stay up

Kion • 8 months ago


Emilio • 10 months ago

Get it? my reaction?

Can't Think Of A Username • 10 months ago

Yeah I get it

Emilio • 8 months ago


Emilio • 12 months ago

Oh that's just my reaction.

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