Season 3Episode 17 Triumph of the Roar

Kion channels his Roar!


ItsRyanYT • 4 years ago

I be shipping Kion and Rani so hard.

Troy Rogue Lion • 4 years ago

same here!

Steven Villman • 4 years ago

*Relationshipping (Honestly, it is so annoying that people can't/won't use proper English in the comments section!) 😑😑😑

Luna Graynight • 4 years ago

Well here's a bright idea.
Don't go in the comment section if you are such a nerd and cannot accept the language of today soicity. Honestly you're acting as if someone said c•nt to a christian.🙄

Steven Villman • 3 years ago

Well, a translation application from slang English to proper, Standard English would be nice there; especially when people like me go on social media on the Internet to read comments that were made by other people but can't understand them!

Falcon 87 • 4 years ago


Bunga • 4 years ago

And one of those people is you

Simba Jones • 3 years ago

Eh get outta here.

Baliyo • 3 years ago

we can we just don't, stop making us sound dumb

Your Moms Anoying

Jhun Ecom • 4 years ago

Same here to

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

I love the faces of the guard when Rani said to Kion « u should stick around » 😂😂

Kion • 1 year ago


katedh8888 • 4 years ago

fulis face when rani said to kion he should stick around was priceless

Lee Hsiang Hong • 4 years ago

In Lion Guard, it's like some lions can do magic, like soundwave, tornadoes and moving objects like Star Wars Jedi forces, although there were still no humans in Lion King world.

NobodyImportant • 4 years ago

Honestly I always imagined a third lion king film (not 1 1/3 what even was that) where they'd encounter humans but at the same time I always had this direct image of Simba giving the tarzan chercheck speech about them and to me at least at the time, it's something they probably didn't want to basically duplicate. However with all the time that has passed since then I really feel like if they did continue this show it'd be an interesting angle as long as they didn't suddenly have some 1-dimensional human characters just kinda there to be a problem, but I'd have no idea how to write that in, since tarzan had that personal aspect that made it work.

Cameron Williams • 4 years ago

Rani do you want kion or the roar?

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

Cause she didn’t wanted him to leave

WentHulk • 4 years ago

She wanted both if we are honest.

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

As Kion and friends go to Pridelands, Rani tells Makini that maybe the roar will come back then when Kion returns to the tree of life with his friends to become King Rani also says that he is glad that the roar has returned to the tree of life

Lord herobrine • 2 years ago

you have point to or did she...

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

Ok, let somebody explain to me how Rani fell in love with Kion since in Episode 16 Rani still considered Kion as a friend and Rani didn't care for Kion to stay on the tree of life

Lord herobrine • 2 years ago

she fell in love once kion helped her and according to simba jones point she wanted the roar to help but i am not sure we need answers in season 4

The Lion guard insider • 3 years ago

Kion and rani are mates thay love each other its overall I prity oviouse

Amidou Coulibaly • 4 years ago

Honestly I think for her it’s just an excuse for keeping him at the tree of life

Lord herobrine • 2 years ago

good question.... Rani we need an answer in season 4

Troy Rogue Lion • 4 years ago

I really love Kion x Rani ship especially when they are older they will be perfect its the exact way I alaways love animal ships Lion and Lioness. best ship ever of mine Kion x Rani.

Ruth Navarathne • 4 years ago

U should have seen Fuil's reaction when she heard Rani saying “ u should stick around " to Kion she was like BOOM !!!!

Lord herobrine • 2 years ago

The thing is that I don't trust Vitani way to much cuz you know…. She attacked the lion guard even though kion or anyone was not wearing a t-shirt to hid the mark of the guard plus she is the daughter of zira AKA scars wife and simba jones i am not with you in a few cases in the rani case but the rest you are pretty much right but we can’t judge the love of rani and kion but ehh we will see but enough talking for both of us let everyone else decide. All in favour of agreeing that rani does not love kion and only using him say I and if you disagree then say no

Simba Jones • 2 years ago


??? • 3 years ago

So Surak and Rani r related.Because in Long live the queen Queen Janna calls Surk and he says Mother and we know that Rani is her grand mother.So rani is Surak's niece?

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

Yup they are related, Surak is Rani's Uncle and her father/mother's brother

The Lion Guard • 3 years ago

i always thought that

kion • 4 years ago

make more of it but make one season 4 plz do it

WentHulk • 4 years ago

I think I understand passing on the role of the Leader of the Lion Guard doesn't necessarily mean you lose the Roar. It means that you have learned to not depend on it.

WentHulk • 4 years ago

Oh Mama Binturong's fear was so hilarious and it was also hilarious when Bunga made a stinkbomb.

Affaan Fakih • 4 years ago

Ok... Why is the polar bear not fighting???

Baliyo • 3 years ago

yeah like you're the biggest, strongest, and deadliest bear alive today like defend yourself

JhorseyPuma • 4 years ago

Wow why does the Power of the Roar song sound so Christian?

JhorseyPuma • 4 years ago

Even if it doesn’t to others, I overall just love the song. Who sang it? The voice was perfect and the music was great!

Brandon Mueller • 4 years ago

It's reused from S03E06 Dragon Island when Kion parted the sea, which is a Bible reference. Loved it.

NobodyImportant • 4 years ago

I mean, the first song Kion sung in the pilot sounded like a my little pony song, there's also been songs that are basically rap, while I've personally just wanting to enjoy villian songs and the more lion king cultural and/or accent blended songs. I think they wanted to stay true to the movie spirit but also expand out a bit into other music territories when it wouldn't seem ackward or random and I think for the most part they've succeeded.

Troy Rogue Lion • 4 years ago

I really still Ship Kion X Rani I'll always ship them they are my next most favorite ship of all time!!!!!!!! Let's go Kion ❤ Rani Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!


wondering where the bad guys went after they got sent flying by the tornado but other than that this is a great series!

Lord herobrine • 2 years ago

calm down we will soon know if there will be a season 4

Lord herobrine • 2 years ago


Simba Jones • 2 years ago

No, she doesn't. She's taking advantage of him. She hated him until she realized how he could make her job easier. She doesn't give a crap about him. Also notice how she's the only one who sleeps inside the tree while everyone else INCLUDING her own brother has to sleep outside. She's a jerk. All hail Baliyo, the rightful king.

Wildfire • 2 years ago

No!!!! Rani isn’t taking advantage,she only hated Kion Because she thought he was harmful and were going to attack like how you Simba thought Janja was bad before he reformed but I gotta admit I don’t know why she’s the only one who sleeps inside but don’t forget she lost both her parents just like you lost your dad Simba and most importantly she could have not let Kion get healed any time she liked but she let your son get better so you should be thankful!!!

Lord herobrine • 2 years ago


Simba Jones • 2 years ago

1. The Night Pride attacked The Guard first, while Kion was being attacked by Baliyo Rani says "Oh so you're lion friend attacking my little brother is an accident too?" Even though her LITTLE BROTHER WAS ATTACKING KION. Kion used the roar out of self defense, so why again did she see him as a threat even though he apologized multiple times and was even willing to put Ono's needs before his own?
2. Losing her parents, as awful as it is has nothing to do with her being the only one allowed to sleep inside.

Edit: Also this is just my opinion, I'm not saying everyone has to hate Rani, this is just what I think and I mean no hate towards anyone.

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