Season 3Episode 14 Poa the Destroyer

Beshte's curiosity scares animals at the Tree of Life.


Ladronzz • 1 year ago

Lol! I can't get Jaime Camil's voice as Rogelio de la Vega out of my head! My older sister watches Jane the Virgin and she's like "I can't believe he's in that show." He fits Pinguino's character very well! Good choice, Disney!

Ana Matic • 1 year ago

Pinguino is just another Panchito/Don Karnage. I think Camil has been type cast (he did play Enrique Rivera differently, though, but even then, Enrique is a lot like Miguel and Héctor, who both have shades of Panchito).

Affaan Fakih • 1 year ago

Am I the only one who noticed the smile at 16:03?

Sam • 1 year ago

It was really cute

Alyssa Sanchez • 1 year ago

Sometimes Baliyo can be so darn ADORABLE!!!!!!

Alyssa Sanchez • 1 year ago

Sometimes Baliyo can be so darn ADORABLE!!!!!

god of all saiyans • 1 year ago

her brother is in the middle is staring at everyone's soul.

Kaya Azzopardi • 1 year ago

No I noticed it too it was really cute

WentHulk • 1 year ago

Nope I couldn't help but think 'Do I hear violin music?' when I saw it.

Blue Shadow • 1 year ago

No i swe it too and it was cute

Ana Matic • 1 year ago

4:30 - Hello, Enrique/Panchito/Don Karnage.

Lee Hsiang Hong • 1 year ago

What's the creators and planners of Lion Guard thinking? Polar bears and penguins in one place? In Lion Guard, it's like the animals were in the wrong part of the world.

WentHulk • 1 year ago

I was thinking the more along the lines of how would penguins escape from a hungry polar bear.

Mindstorm • 1 year ago

The Tree of Life welcomes every rare animal and features all climatic zones (sort of Wild Zootopia). So, it makes sense that in the "Pole Zone" you can find rare animals from both Poles, and the polar bear is one of the most endangered animal in North Pole just as the penguines are in South Pole.

Steven Villman • 1 year ago

I really hope that there is going to be a crocodile or alligator in the Tree of Life lands in a future episode! 🐊

Benjamin Yn • 1 year ago

Should have anteaters, sloths, capybaras, and kinkajous

Brian • 1 year ago

they beat the impossible i guess in the lion king world

Ruth Navarathne • 1 year ago


Troy Rogue Lion • 1 year ago

This episode was Poa! another very amazing episode of The Lion Guard.

Ruth Navarathne • 1 year ago


Emilio • 1 year ago

Alyssa Sanchez • 1 year ago

I want to say something real quick! First of all, at 1:51 why did Nirmala give Bunga that look?! I swear man, Nirmala gives some flirt-like look to every male that she sees! And, at 1:38 Beshte's the one recieving "The Look". It's also sad that Queen Janna doesn't appear in this. This is the last episode we could have saw her in before she passed away. Just needed to get that off my chest.

Ruth Navarathne • 1 year ago


OOF Hope u guys got ur info :3

Alex Dowie • 1 year ago

i heard about a release date in December this year.

Ruth Navarathne • 1 year ago


Aqif Iftiyaad • 1 year ago

I hope its on this website

Aqif Iftiyaad • 1 year ago


Cows&Sloths • 1 year ago

I saw the smile so cute

Ant • 1 year ago

Should have kangaroos, koalas, dingos, and panthers.

Catherine Verdisco • 1 year ago

Did anyone notice around 21:17 Ono’s eyes turn back to when they were bad, they got healed 🤔🤔

Emilio • 1 year ago

I did.

Andrew Jeffery • 1 year ago

16:03 I feel like this is foreshadowing.

Emilio • 1 year ago

Affaan Fakih • 1 year ago

Just asking
How many people here would trade this life for the life of a member of the lion guard without actually knowing what's going to happen?
I personally would take the life of kion..

UniLover • 1 year ago

Season 3 is interesting to say the least

Hikaru • 1 year ago

I like how they made Beshte "the destroyer". Since in the bible, "behmoth" refers to a Hippo. Lol. One of the large beasts of destruction.

Ana Matic • 1 year ago

No, "behemoth" does not refer to a hippo. Not unless hippos had sauropod tails 4,000 years ago.

guest • 1 year ago

behemoth are beasts which can refer to any kind of animal technically

Silver the Hedgehog • 1 year ago

The way they were teasing about Bunga and Binga. Suppose Bunga actually likes her. More than a friendly way. That would be so cute!

CourageousPrincess18 • 1 year ago

2:52 Makin' Hippo Lanes in the Flood Plains, Clearin' the way after heavy rain.

John Aldridge • 1 year ago

So... nobody's going to mention the penguin's Michael Jackson moves at 8:38?

Brian • 1 year ago

hmmmm.. i was thinking of something... this whole season... probably is the reason why Kion and the Lion Guard isn't in the second movie.

WentHulk • 1 year ago

That's what the director said.

Benjamin Yn • 1 year ago

Poa Amazing

MagicMarkER • 1 year ago

this episode was... great, you thought it was gonna say poa didnt you

Alyssa Sanchez • 1 year ago

In the words of Bunga, I kinda did. That reference was from "Never Roar Again" if you didn't catch that.

Alyssa • 11 months ago


Simba Jones • 3 months ago


Can't Think Of A Username • 11 months ago


ethan • 1 year ago

when think about poa the destroyer it is catchy

cant lie

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