Season 3Episode 13 Little Old Ginterbong

Mama Binturong pretends to be an animal in need.


zelda74 • 4 years ago

Fun that Binga's name is so close to Bunga.

Ana Matic • 4 years ago

Sure, it's nice that Bunga found a sow, but does she have to be exactly like him?

WentHulk • 4 years ago

I dunno. They seem to have the same basic strength levels. But she stinks worse than him.

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

Pretty much
Hm Binga's a little stronger

Ladronzz • 4 years ago

I sure hope this isn't the final season. It's getting very exciting meeting new lions related to the lion guard with Ono and Kion's healing. Mama is so sly even when being a leader of hungry leopards and Komodo Dragons.

watchtlg • 4 years ago

Has anyone noticed something wrong at 12:35?
Bunga is standing in front of Queen Janna when she is healing Ono, but a moment later he's not there and Beshte says Bunga is with his new friend.

JustMe • 4 years ago

Yes indeed. Well spotted

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago


Jasiri • 2 years ago

Aha! I wonder how that happened.πŸ€”πŸ˜Ό

Silver the Hedgehog • 4 years ago

Bunga and Binga are so cute together.

12:10 Look at the way Bunga blushed. XD

Kouri • 4 years ago

bunga and binga farting contest XD

to be honest i can see couple right there

WentHulk • 4 years ago

Yup me too. They are very cute.

Ruth Navarathne • 4 years ago

β€œ Oh I think know what it is 😁 "
BOOOM !!!!!
β€œ NO !!!! 😨 NOT THIS AGAIN !!!!! "

Love it XD

WentHulk • 4 years ago

Disgusting smell.......... Honey Badgers really stink ewwwwwwwwwwwww. Cough cough. I've been poisoned.......

NobodyImportant • 4 years ago

Ok gotta admit I never thought Bunga finding someone whose
so much like him (annoying and kinda gross lol) could possibly turn out
so adorable and have one of the season's better songs accompany it at the same time.

Blue Shadow • 4 years ago

This show is the best I wish there was more

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

1 episode ago Rani says: Defending the Tree of Life is our job and we're good at it,, we don't even your help very rudely
But now she's waking then up for help

AJ2K21 • 3 years ago

Bunga was right there infront of queen Janna even though he went off to find Binga.

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

Yeah it's an error

Alyssa Sanchez • 4 years ago

Also, at 5:28, how come Rani is the only one who's angry?

Guest • 4 years ago
Alyssa Sanchez • 3 years ago

Surak too. Did you notice that? It's at 5:28 as well. It's almost like they wanted the villains to show up.

Guest • 3 years ago
Alyssa Sanchez • 3 years ago


Emilio • 4 years ago


The tulizas are in the Tree of Life this whole time?!
Why didn't the Night Pride tell them before?!

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago


Emilio • 3 years ago

What's so funny?

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

The fact you make such a fuss about Tuliza
Like he's healing is in process, he doesn't really need Tuliza

Emilio • 3 years ago

oh okay

Troy Rogue Lion • 4 years ago

another very amazing episode where I am the first one to comment.

Jasiri • 2 years ago

2:14 Fuli's Face!!!! LOL!!!

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

At 2:17 I love how Rani just watches Fuli being annoyed likes its an entertainment show or something

Simba Jones • 3 years ago

Well that's Rani for ya lol

Though Fuli was being pretty entertaining to be honest with you.

Bunga • 2 years ago

Yeah, Fuli is sometimes weird

Alyssa Sanchez • 3 years ago

Bruh, Surak's confusion at 21:46 is always enough to put a smile on my face. Every time he says, "Curious. I wonder what that is", I end up cracking up.

Guest • 4 years ago
Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago


Guest • 4 years ago
Alyssa Sanchez • 3 years ago

Bro, Binga the Incredible Hulk low-key!

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago


Alyssa Sanchez • 4 years ago

I remember I had a very strange dream about this exact episode. I was playing Pokemon Go with my friend and her mom, nothing out of the ordinary. Suddenly, Makucha and his gang spotted us and came after us! The Night Pride then found us and the whole time the battle was happening, I sat there in the canyon, terrified! We thought this was an actual Pokemon battle. When the villains were chased off, our rescuers then came toward us as I grew suspicious. "All I wanted to do was just play a game of Pokemon GO!" I thought. But, the lions were actually really kind and didn't eat us alive, thankfully. Then, we became friends and went to the Tree of Life together as I woke up.

Morgan Hurst • 4 years ago

Will Will they make the season 4 of lion gard

Bartek Konieczny • 4 years ago

Ford Riley is ready to do more with the lion guard series but can't make a decision because Disney must agree and let Ford Rilay continue the series

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago|
this petition could help

Aduain Captor • 4 years ago

Oh gods.... oh no. Binga's design is so awful. I'm not gonna go into details but it's horrible.

god of all saiyans • 4 years ago

I donΒ΄t get it why when they have a black male character (not racist)
they make a purple female character of the same animal.

JustDoIt • 4 years ago

Go into details

Matt Ragusa • 4 years ago

Is it just me, or does Mama Binturong kinda look like Eric Cartman?

Alyssa Sanchez • 3 years ago


Alex Dowie • 4 years ago

Great now all I can think about is mama binturong with Eric cartman's voice

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