Season 3Episode 11 The Tree of Life

The Guard is attacked by the Tree of Life protectors.


Affaan Fakih • 2 years ago

Not gonna lie
I thought Rani was the old lion healing Ono in the trailer

Predator • 2 years ago

No it wasn't she was her grandmother

disqus_u1h8URlpUx • 2 years ago


Affaan Fakih • 2 years ago

Anyone else notice that the song has same theme as it is time song from return of the roar



Brandon Mueller • 2 years ago

Yes, Disney has a way of making two halves to one whole. Similar events at the beginning and end of a movie or series. They did something like this in Tron Legacy too.

Honestly Bunga did have an idea, if it wasn't for Rani mentioning the roar to the grandmother
Its either tun evil after taking a long journey to this place
Or use you roar and not turn evil and get healed, go home defend the pridelands
ANd then later or sooner Queen Janna would know about the lion guard and forgive them

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

I disagree......for one I don't think Kion would've turned evil, and two, forcing their way in would only show the tree that they're enemies. Nirmala isn't just gonna heal Kion after breaking in. Instead it would just prove that the guard can not be trusted, and The Night Pride would kick them out. Unless Kion uses the roar on them too, but that would destroy the only lions who could help him. They needed to be welcomed, in order to be healed.

topaz • 2 years ago

Wonder what happened to Rani's parents

Tyler Ellyson • 2 years ago

I'm new to the story, but from what I read, they can be seen in ghost form in the clouds, saying they have long since died.

Yup and the fact that Rani didn't know about the roar leads to that Rani's parents died near Baliyo's birth

Kyle MacDonald • 2 years ago

Everyone there is a petition up to save the lion guard and have it return for a fourth season help Ford Riley make a fourth season if you will help out like and comment saying you signed the petition #TLGSeason4.

Bunga • 1 year ago

Yeah, but even if we don't have season 4, we will definitely have drama king which is the same as season 4

Tiifu • 1 year ago

I can't wait for it to come out but why is it called "Drama King"? I mean, Kion isn't dramatic

Bunga • 1 year ago

He might... But Fuli is the true drama king or should I say Queen:

Tiifu • 1 year ago

I luv Fuli! Never thought of her like this though, lol

Bunga • 1 year ago

Finally, someone who can get along with. Everyone did get along with me except that beast, Ruqayyah. She was really horrible to me. I'm going to report her.

Tiifu • 1 year ago

Aw! That's my sis. She was just trying to stand up for me. She just gets angry easily. BTW: I'm back, everyone!!

Bunga • 1 year ago

I understand. Sorry, if it offended you but I get irritated and you sister is 47706159.

Tiifu • 11 months ago

uh.. ok sorry about her. she says she's sorry. ty for forgiving her :)

Tiifu • 9 months ago

ok sorry she has temper problems. she got sad of what she had done so she quit disqus. as much as she annoys me, plz dont be rude to her

Bunga • 6 months ago

Oh! Did she quit because of me? I'm sorry I was rude. It's just that I hadn't had any bugs that day.

Tiifu • 6 months ago

No!! She accually thinks bunga is one of the best characters!!

Tiifu • 6 months ago

Nononono! Bc I forced her to join and she had nothing to do bc we watch ALOT

Tiifu • 1 year ago

That's ok. She also apologized.

Lord herobrine • 1 year ago

Wow din't hear from you in while

Tiifu • 11 months ago


Tiifu • 1 year ago

Yup, im back!!

Lord herobrine • 11 months ago

my my bunga
calm down bruh take a chill pill why is she horrible to you anyways?

Askari • 5 months ago

It's A whole New Series

agron989 • 2 years ago

I signed up for it this needs to come back

Sadhbh Corr • 2 years ago

I think Season 4 is great idea! We NEED to know about Kion and Rani's life together. I think "The Kingdom of Kion" or "Adventures at the Tree of Life" sound awesome! It would be way cooler if we got a look at Kion and Rani's heir and their other cubs. And every now and then, take a look at Vitani's Lion Guard as well. I wanna see all the new adventures in The Lion Guard.

Askari • 5 months ago

Yeah You're right

agron989 • 2 years ago

So do i your so right and i like the idea of your titles

Colby • 2 years ago

So, I'm sort of on that. Im going to mail Disney a Kickstarter fanmade script to see if they will actually have the guts to do this.

Kion26 • 2 years ago

Once you've finished it you should share a link to it. I'm interrested

Kurt Scicluna • 1 year ago

ford riley stopped working for disney

wait did he?

Abrar • 1 year ago

I think rani and the rest of the night pride are all asiatic lions because nirmala says arama karo which is hindi for have some rest

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

The Tree Of Life is actually in Asia!

Tiifu • 1 year ago

No! Rani is a Pakistani/Hindi name!! At least I'm not the only one here who believes The Night Pride is at India!!

Is it just me or did this episode have some special vibe to it?
Even watching it again

Guest • 2 years ago
Bartek Konieczny • 2 years ago

Night Pride attacked Kion and his friends instead of talking peacefully, the more that Kion and his friends did not show aggression but defended everything is guilty of the leader of Night Pride Rani who was aggressive from the very beginning

I think Rani's wants the roar more than Kion

Kion • 1 year ago

How could you think that I'm so disappointed in you

I'm sorry but the truth can hurt
Rani only ever saw Kion as a friend and yeah he might have helped her during the Grandmothers death but after he asked Kion to give up the roar so she could have it but when she would out that you had to master the roar she wants Kion

Bartek Konieczny • 1 year ago

Of course Rani wants Kion roar
why Rani want
roar for himself note that Kion did not plan to leave the roar on the tree of life but wanted to give it back but not Rani for the roar to stay in the tree of life or Rani only depends on the roar instead of Kion because in presence Makini there was a scene where Rani said maybe the roar would return one day in addition to when Kion returns to the tree of life Rani says she is glad the roar returned to the tree of life but did not say the same about Kion
also that Kion fell in love with Rani is very doubtful because Kion compares Rani's qualities to another person than Rani is in fact, in addition Kion did not intend to introduce Rani to his parents Ford Riley did not say that Rani loves Kion

I agree but I think Kion trully loves Rani, she told here sister aboutt it

Bartek Konieczny • 1 year ago

It is possible that Kion did not want to hurt Rani feelings, especially after Queen Janna death, I think because Kion himself did not intend to stay in the tree of life and was considering staying but because Rani wanted it but not Kion himself until Rani confessed feelings Kion

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