Season 3Episode 1 Battle for the Pride Lands

Scar devises a scheme to destroy the Lion Guard.


Jason • 3 years ago

is the season over?

John Pass • 3 years ago
FuliTheCheetah • 3 years ago

I just signed! Let's do this!

Steven Villman • 3 years ago

Yeah, I want for us to let us keep this animated T.V. show alive, there!

agron989 • 2 years ago

and we can we keep it up we can get a season 4 and hopefully many more to come

Samuel Sorenson • 3 years ago


sammy • 3 years ago


Kion_The_Lion • 3 years ago

I SIGNED! A season 4 and 5 is a must!

Edit: I had hope for Jasisri and Janja, but now that Scat (Scar) told Janja the wrong info.

AnimalLover2013 • 1 year ago

I sighed

Samirha Esquivies • 2 years ago

Can't Think Of A Username • 2 years ago

If it gets 50,000+ I'm pretty sure it'll work

Kurt Scicluna • 2 years ago

i signed

Carissa Belford • 2 years ago

This is very 1st epsiode and it's not over yet but one day everything will end. We know and We could protect.

watchtlg • 3 years ago

Battle for the Pride Lands is a double episode which may explain why there's no Episode 2.
I don't know why there's no Episode 8 though.

John Aldridge • 3 years ago

Episode 03 shows them going to the waterfall, which is the first landmark, so maybe you're right. Although a missing episode 08 is weird...

FuliTheCheetah • 3 years ago

actually, there is an episode 8, it just hasnt been uploaded to watchtlg yet. Look it up on the lion guard wiki.

Lean Esguerra • 3 years ago

Really there is episode 8 wow but did you watch episode 8 or not ?

watchtlg • 3 years ago

KANYANTA MWANSA • 3 years ago

Wait? Ford doesn't work for Disney anymore? But now who's the new writer for episodes of TLG?

watchtlg • 3 years ago

Production of The Lion Guard has ended several months ago. Season 3 is the last one.

KANYANTA MWANSA • 3 years ago

Oh I get it now. I guess this also explains why there is no Season 4.

Kion_The_Lion • 3 years ago

Unless you sign the petiton above!

Carys Tarry • 3 years ago


Lean Esguerra • 3 years ago

Well i don't know if this real well if this real we might see season 4 of the lion guard 😅

wolfie • 3 years ago

i hope it will be night pride so we can see the original cast

Blue Shadow • 3 years ago

I would love a season 4 this show is great but sadly season 3 is the finale

Lean Esguerra • 3 years ago

Well we gonna see that next time is season 3 is real final if not finish we might see season 4 😢

Lean Esguerra • 3 years ago

Who is this?
Are they a fan or part of the team?

Nehemiah Joshua • 3 years ago

do you know when the next episodes are comin out?

watchtlg • 3 years ago

I heard about September, but it's not official.

Arib RAHMAN • 3 years ago

I don’t know when the next episodes are coming out

Logan Hill • 3 years ago

yes this is a double episode, which means the numbers need to be shifted, right?

watchtlg • 3 years ago

Yes, however I have changed the episode numbers and decided to stick to one number per episode, no matter if it's double or not. Disney recently did the same on DisneyNOW and now counts Battle for the Pride Lands as one episode. Besides, The Rise of Scar is also a double episode but it was never double-counted.

Nehemiah Joshua • 3 years ago

Any recent updates on the release of the next few updates yet?

watchtlg • 3 years ago

Nope, nothing.

Bethany Wright • 3 years ago

any idea when next episodes r out because i really cant wait for next few episodes beacuse if u look on opening/ending when it goes through the map of landscapes and moja kwa moja stones u can see that their 1 or 2 away from the tree of life so i wonder what will happen after they get there and i wonder how excatly they will cure him if they can. Also i m really excited to see what happens between kion and fuli i never really shipped them till season 3

Blue Shadow • 3 years ago

Maybe september 7 i just hope early september

Emilio • 3 years ago

I agree.

Anthony Campos • 3 years ago

Isn't a spoiler Minute 50:00, It's me or that look exchange was a bit romantic?

Amidou Coulibaly • 3 years ago

Yeah it’s romantic, looks like she’s embarrassed that’s really romantic , maybe it’s cause before that Simba ask her to take care of his son but anyway ford Riley said on Instagram they’re just friend but I don’t think he’s saying the truth cause what he’s saying and what the serie show to us isn’t the same maybe he want to keep the surprise for later

Guest • 3 years ago
Dylan Connolly • 3 years ago

This isn't the first time that Disney has pushed an inter-species relationship. I mean, look at Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from Zootopia.

Amidou Coulibaly • 3 years ago

It’s a lie he just don’t want the fans to know too soon if their relationship will growing even more

Guest • 3 years ago
Amidou Coulibaly • 3 years ago

What account ? On his Instagram or Twitter ?

Amidou Coulibaly • 3 years ago

I believe you but I’m saying he’s not saying the truth about what he said . C’mon really ...a friendship between two persons is not so close , look at the end of the episode 1 like you said before , fuli was looking at Kion and she was thinking that he’ll looks away but he didn’t and she looked away with a smile at herself . And now ford Riley is saying they’re just good friends ??? he’s really a bad for lying tha doesn’t make senses . Okay for now they’re not a couple but later they will or not ? He didn’t answer and you tell me Ford Riley tells you he cant give any spoiler ...sooo for me he’s lying they’re more than friends

FuliTheCheetah • 3 years ago


Guest • 3 years ago
FuliTheCheetah • 3 years ago

But... but they're already married. There's no reason to ship people with people they're already married to!

naomie • 3 weeks ago

Ok so they took lion king and turned it into a musical.💀 also did anyone notice simbas face changed to like his original animation.

Maico • 2 months ago

I can't cast episodes with my tv for spme reason

smee • 2 months ago

How can I watch lion guard in hindi Season 3

Resident evil • 10 months ago

I wish thay made 1 hour of we will defend song before kion talk song cuse that song its so chill

rachel anderws • 12 months ago

kion is my favorote chaeter whats yours in the lion guard?

rachel anderws • 1 year ago

Yes it. is over

Hdjdj • 1 year ago Guys plz subscribe to my lion guard channel

AnimalLover2013 • 1 year ago

hey what would happen if the Lion Guard was defeated?

Kion • 1 year ago

Anyone else want a session 4 and mabey a 5

Still hoping for a season 4 or spin off series

Lion • 1 year ago

We REALLY NEED A SEASON 4 to keep this alive!

Tiifu • 1 year ago

I know I'm late everyone but Happy New Year!! I wish Allah blesses you and makes your dreams come true this year!! Ammeen!!

Lord herobrine • 1 year ago

I Am very late But Happy New year to everyone!(Gosh i have not been online for quite some time)

Lion • 1 year ago

I've been here since the beginning actually, but never signed up to discus...

Askari • 1 year ago

Same I was here from the beginning 2

Kion • 1 year ago

Same here I just never signed up until now

Tiifu • 1 year ago

same, lol

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

Dead dead dead
This place is very DEAD
Dead dead dead
Never seen it so DEAD

This place is dying
We need season 4 onwards Nearly at 10k, and maybe at 10k disney choose to continue

Lord herobrine • 1 year ago


Fazal ahmed • 1 year ago

Good music in the beggining of the episode

Kopa Anderws • 1 year ago

scars army kion and his team win the battle.

Kopa Anderws • 1 year ago

scar devises a scheme to destroy the lion guard

Kovu • 1 year ago

Y were the outlanders cheering when scar was defeated

Lance • 1 year ago

Hope Ford Riley Comes up with a Season 4! They Should Name It TLG Presents: The Night Pride

Liam Evans • 1 year ago

Simba: I Have No intention Of Settling Down This Lion Killed My Father And He's Still Out There

Allie Soapway • 1 year ago

Am I the only one to realize that Scar literally wanted to murder his own army? He wanted to double-cross Janja and his hyenas, but also the rest of his army. First of all, let's just mention how fake he sounded when he said Ushari could have whatever was left. But there's more evidence then that that he was planning to get rid of his army. He literally said the volcanic eruption that would have happened if Kion had roared (though he didn't) would have destroyed the Lion Guard. So if Ushari was there he obviously would have died as well. If the eruption would have killed most/all of the battling pridelanders and the hyenas, then no doubt it would have killed most/all of his army as well.
Not only that, it seems like Kion was bleeding. It may have just been the lighting in the volcano, but Kion's scar looks a more brighter and darker red that looks like blood when in the volcano, though once they leave it looks like it does the rest of season 3. It may have just been the lighting, but if it is blood then this is the first time blood has ever been shown in a Disney Junior show.

Jasiri • 1 year ago

Ok. I think that you are going tooooooooo far. Yeah I get it Scar is very selfish. Which is kinda obvious.

Lord herobrine • 1 year ago

ya it is obvious

wang simba • 1 year ago

Hello everyone!

Kurt Scicluna • 1 year ago


Inferno dragon79 • 2 years ago

I'm making a new Lion guard story myself. Seasons 1-9, New characters, interesting plot and more.

Lord herobrine • 1 year ago

looking forward to it :)

Bunga • 2 years ago

Are you going to include me and Binga in it as well?

Inferno dragon79 • 2 years ago

Yes I will let's just say Zira and Scar will make an appearance together

Bunga • 1 year ago

Oh yeah, Sir survived the fall and created her own clan. Mapigano returns with his own army. (Spoiler!)

Bunga • 2 years ago

Ooooh, when you finish, could you write it on one of the lion guard wiki's posts and send me the link?

Can't Think Of A Username • 2 years ago

Epic, I thought this would happen in season 3 whilst watching season 2

Also can we access this?

Inferno dragon79 • 2 years ago

If you know the app Wattpad you will find it there. Return of Scar seasons one through Nine

Bunga • 1 year ago

I've read the rise of scar and the flood chapter. When is the next one coming out?

Bunga • 1 year ago

Oh, I have Wattpad. Please can you follow me, my name is Kingtastic.

FAZAL • 1 year ago

Ok i will follow u

Can't Think Of A Username • 2 years ago

Epic, I thought this would happen in season 3 whilst watching season 2!

Simba Jones • 2 years ago


Wildfire • 2 years ago

Hello There

Odin straniy pacan • 2 years ago

Admin, please note, this episode has no subtitles.

Odin straniy pacan • 2 years ago

Translations don't work, I mean

watchtlg • 2 years ago

Thanks for letting me know. Please try again, it should work now.

Lord herobrine • 2 years ago

season 4 is going to be intresting

Lord herobrine • 2 years ago

i see

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

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