Season 3Episode 9 Mama Binturong

The Guard searches for Makini's stolen staff.


Simba Jones • 7 months ago

Simba Jones • 7 months ago

Why didn't Bunga just ask Mama if he could ONLY have the staff back, not the tuliza inside?
Look I understand that she stole and they needed to get it back, but this is a serious situation.
I'd of just asked for the staff, and if that didn't work, THEN I fight her.

The Lion Guard • 7 months ago

because Kion needed the Tuliza so he would not get out of control

Simba Jones • 7 months ago

Yeah but I'm sure they could find Tuliza somewhere else. Without the staff they can't find the Tree. Which would you rather do? Only get the staff back and find Tuliza somewhere else, OR, lose the staff to Mama and have no way to find the Moja Kwa Moja Stones?

The Lion Guard • 7 months ago

maybe u r right but it might take time

Simba Jones • 9 months ago

20:34 You're gonna give that to Kion? You're trying to POISON HIM???
All the more reason for me to ha-dislike, you!
You're not my brother, and you never will be!!!

The Lion Guard • 7 months ago

Bunga was trying to save Kion by getting the Tuliza back!!

Simba Jones • 7 months ago

Kion was fine. He didn't need Tuliza right then. I'm sure they could've found some not too far ahead. Tuliza already tastes gross, now it's gonna be even worse! Ew
Besides this comment is old and I was slightly evil when I made it.

Zion the lion • 9 months ago

Rani is rude, why does kion even like her? Fuli and Kion should be together.

The Lion Guard • 7 months ago

how is Rani mean?

Simba Jones • 7 months ago

Rude, not mean.
It really seems like she only started liking him when she realized that he made her job easier.
Just my opinion though XD

Bartek Konieczny • 9 months ago

Because Kion has fallen in love with Rani and does not see true personality Rani

Can't Think Of A Username • 9 months ago

She just wants Kion for the roar

ETAHN- • 1 year ago


Cactus Wren • 1 year ago

I looked up Tuliza once and apparently it’s a made up plant

The Lion Guard • 7 months ago

no, look at this:

The Lion Guard • 7 months ago

I have Tuliza in my house

Cows&Sloths • 1 year ago

What kind of animal is mama

Kat • 1 year ago

A binturong?

Kion fan • 1 year ago

Spoiler Kion And Fuli are not in love,fuli is more like a sister to kion

AGuyWhoLikesThisShow • 1 year ago

I Really Want A Season 4 i love this show! im even Rewatching the entire show

Kovu • 1 year ago

The Lion Guard • 7 months ago

what u sayin?

Irene Poernomo • 1 year ago

I frickin thought that Mama Binturong would be like a wise character that helps Kion on his way and gives him valuable advice and stuff like that...

Okay, Bunga is pissing me off bcause he keeps saying tuliza!

Mooskii • 2 years ago

I love how most people commenting on shows like these comment all sorts of things with very little to no research to back it up. Yes, Fuli and Kion are a little more than regular friends, but not anything past that either. We all know who Kion is going to end up mating with (and if not, watch until the end), and for the longest time I legitimately thought they would get shipped officially at some point, but from the moment I saw the second half of this season I already knew Fuli x Kion wasn't going to happen.

SadMan • 2 years ago

Damn, watching through the whole show, came so far, and now the episode is offline

Troy Rogue Lion • 2 years ago

YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! It is time for me to Click and watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lion Guard • 7 months ago

that happened to me once. when it happened, the first episode i watched was surprisingly this one!

Kovu • 1 year ago

Its me...Lol
Why is that a classic meme in TLK world Lol?

Troy Rogue Lion • 2 years ago

Less then an hour OMG yes I am so very hyped and I am suprised I stayed up this late! I been up pass 12:00 OMG it's because I'm a really big Lion king fan for anything Lion king related it is still a big part of my childhood. I'm 18 out of high school I'm a graduate and I do not mind it at all!

Li0n k1ng • 2 years ago

1 more hour :DD or 30 min I cant tell but still cant wait :D

Urielle • 2 years ago


Troy Rogue Lion • 2 years ago

2 more hours OMG Yes I am so very hyped I got part Lion in me I consider myself as Troy Lion he is who I'm going to pretend to me from now on my character is a close friend to The Lion Guard so as There friend I really hope that Kion can't get healing from the tree of life poor Kion does not want to be anything like Scar and I don't blame him because as a good Lion I'm nothing like him I believe in The Lion Guard they can help by buddy Kion. Yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! I'll always be a very big fan of anything Lion King fan and I wish I could accually be my character that I made up. Disney is my childhood and so is The Lion King my most favorite part of my's been since 2001 - 2019 anything related to Lion King I seen everything for The Lion King. I saw the broadway and it was so very awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 new episodes coming to this website I'm Ready.

Sonic The hedgehog • 2 years ago

New episodes are coming in 7 hours!!!!!!!!

katedh8888 • 2 years ago

OK so iv'e learned that the lion guard returns to the pridelands and there's trouble Vitani has formed her own lion guard in there presence? i'm wondering if we will see a grown up Kovu and Kiara to make it align with the lion king 2

Dylan Connolly • 2 years ago

Yes. Look at the episode Synopsis for the episode Return To The Pridelands.

Niccoló Paganini • 2 years ago

Lol in IB chemistry on Thursday, no one knew what the fire starter thing was, so the teacher said that we were having a test, and that was on it and it was one fifth of our quarter grade

Oopsie • 2 years ago

Oof! That ain't great.

Al • 2 years ago

I don’t want this show to end it’s so good and I will miss every one😭

AlanQtten • 2 years ago

Does anyone know where to find and download TLG Season3's soundtrack?

Josh Spille • 2 years ago

Will the last 10 episodes of the series be on here Monday?

watchtlg • 2 years ago

Yes, same as on DisneyNow.

Bethany Wright • 2 years ago


Jessica • 2 years ago

Are these the really last episodes of season 3?? Is the lion guard seriously going to end September 2??

watchtlg • 2 years ago

Yes, Season 3 contains 18 episodes in total plus double-length opener.

Liam305 • 2 years ago

Guys theres a new song from a new episode here: so cool.

Simba Jones • 7 months ago

Askari. Dude.
Good song, annoying voice.

Bethany Wright • 2 years ago

Wicked i'm guessing he never knew his roar could do that

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