Season 1Episode 14 The Imaginary Okapi

The Lion Guard thinks Beshte has an imaginary friend.


WentHulk • 3 years ago

I'm not sure that being the fastest hider really doesn't count for nothing.

Lurker42 • 5 years ago

I like how they SAY they're guarding the circle of life while actively PREVENTING animals from hunting, there was even a whole episode where they stopped Fuli from eating the whole time.

Joshua Crawford • 3 years ago

They didn't stop her from eating, they just wanted her to eat things she didn't want to. The only time she was stopped from eating is with Kiara, who didn't hunt the gazelles. And this is a kids show where the prey is completely sentient. (Although that sentience can be a, in Thurston's case)

11111 • 3 years ago

Stopped fuli from eating the whole time?????

Caleb Martin • 4 years ago

Are you using sarcasm, because sarcasm is trash.

Sulcata • 2 years ago

Why is lions and cheetahs aloud to hunt but not anything else? Isn't it the "circle of life"?

They Were Until They Started Hunting To Much

Can't Think Of A Username • 2 years ago

Yeah I've been thinking this ever since i watched lion gaurd

Mzingo • 1 month ago

Janja is the real OG

sammy • 3 years ago

hey guys just wondering, i is there any mention of where fuli came from? does she have a family?

Joaquin Martinez • 3 years ago

The laws of the Pride Lands are not very coherent, like, they hunt to eat, to survive, and that's fine, that leopard was going to hunt to eat, and then they prevent him form eating and take the okapi to the lions, lions being predators that could eventualy hunt him? There was also an episode when they prevent a snake from eating one of those little rodents too, how does the circle of life work then? Guess I'm reading to much into it, it's a show for kids after all

Joshua Long • 3 years ago

The only reason why I like this episode is because Okapis are one of my favorite creatures.

WentHulk • 3 years ago

I dunno if I would have recognized the description Besthe gave.

Ruth Navarathna • 5 years ago

NOW that is funny when bunga say there are gonna to be sitting ducks

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