Season 1Episode 12 The Mbali Fields Migration

The Guard must lead a large herd through the Outlands.


ecocat annabelle • 5 years ago

In the first Lion King, when Scar told Simba to run, Simba escaped OUT of the Pride Lands, and took refuge at Hakuna Matata Falls. In the Lion Guard, the falls are regarded as a part of the Pride Lands. Could it be possible that Simba expanded the kingdom to see Timon and Pumbaa more often?
*oh, sorry. I meant to comment on Undercover Kinyonga

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

Maybe Nice Theory, but I don't think coz there were forests and jungles, I think its a different location

Kion26 • 4 years ago

Nah. I think these are two different watterfalls. Because the falls in TLK required crossing a desert, and Hakuna Matata Falls do not.

Kion and Rani • 3 years ago

Shortcut maybe? Or somehow grass and trees and stuff grew in the desert so it might be the same.

The Lion Guard • 3 years ago

yeah and it is ok

Alien Gato • 1 week ago

Am I the only one who is annoyed at this episode? The beginning of the episode had so much grass and greenery and than it all disappeared because it was convenient for the plot.

Anastasia Shirchenko • 4 years ago

Zebras don't neigh they bark and bray. Also it's males that are the leader, with the rest of the herd being all female.

Baliyo • 3 years ago

what if some herds are matriarchal

Zavier • 5 years ago

What would they do without the bird?

.*+Abigale+*. • 6 years ago

Yay I'm the first to comment lol

khj hjm • 7 months ago

Shiver me timbers

Simba Jones • 3 years ago

Keep watching, this zebra disappears.

Cypress • 3 years ago

He just walks through a rock! I would like never notice these things on my own...

SmailiM • 3 years ago

They are telleing me there is something went wrong nothing work

watchtlg • 3 years ago

Please try again. It should work now.

Sue Brow • 3 years ago

When Ono flew up and said "She is!" He was a bit invasive of Muhimu's privacy.

Alyssa Sanchez • 3 years ago

Me: Because you're a female and females know more about these things.

Rodolfo Parra • 4 years ago

This was like the time when Moses led the people of Israel to the Promise lands. It was a journey.

The Lion Guard • 3 years ago

i know

The Lion Guard • 3 years ago

wait! are you a muslim so am I!

KyubbiGirl29 • 4 years ago

Bunga:Does he do anything. Seriously he’s not even 24 hours old. What’s he gonna do

KyubbiGirl29 • 4 years ago

Bunga really is oblivious to Muhimu being pregnant. I was thought she might be pregnant when I first saw her.

Upset Annon • 4 years ago

Very reminiscent of the episode of Avatar where Ang leads the two arguing tripes through the gorge and gets them to settle their differences and work together to get to the other side. Pretty sure this was taken from that episode, or perhaps whatever inspired that episode.

Bunga the Honey Badger • 4 years ago

Muhimu is my favorite Zebra character from the Lion Guard!

Regal Lily • 5 years ago

Didn't Kion and Mufasa already have that conversation

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