Season 1Episode 3 Bunga the Wise

Floodwaters threaten the Pridelands.


Carissa Belford • 4 years ago

Noone is every too young or too old to watch anything or do anything. I used to like it and then felt like I had to betray it. I want to be middle schooler. Yourself is rigther way through your path. Some people may mautre away . There is nonone. Remeber Seanson 1 Espiode 3 : Don't Judge a Hyean.
Sis Ni Sawara
Jairi is not talk to Kion but to everyone. Noone is different . We all are humans and we stand . I will learn from my past mistake to me.

The Lion Guard • 3 years ago

exactly In Islam everyone are brothers and sisters

sniper3d • 4 years ago

who is still watching this

Jake Smith • 4 years ago


Kurt Scicluna • 3 years ago

2021 check

agron989 • 4 years ago

I am

Kion • 6 years ago

i love the lion guard it is awesome

Troy Lion • 5 years ago

Same along with The Lion King I may be 17 and soon be 18 but I still don't care Disney will always be awesome to me and The Lion King and The Lion Guard is always my most favorite.

Kurt Scicluna • 3 years ago

so trueeeeeeee

So true

Gamer X • 1 month ago

Annoying episode to be honest...

The Lion Guard • 3 years ago

Fuli: Bunga is the only one who should NOT be giving advice.
Me: No, a baboon is the one who should NOT be giving advice.

Yahye Mohamud • 4 years ago

i think a season 4 should show the next generation in the pride lands like the next leader of the lion guard after vitani

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

They should do a spin off series The Guardians of the tree of life even tho lion guard is kions series and a movie on vitani's guard

Robbie • 6 years ago

Has anyone else noticed that the end credit scene is the plot from TLG return of The roar

ecocat annabelle • 6 years ago


The Lion Guard • 3 years ago


Jerrie Jaguar Lament • 6 years ago

love lion guard so much glad i got tagged in this on facebook

kion • 1 month ago

It keeps on lagging

Bunga The Honey Badger • 3 years ago

Over all, i think I´m Smart.

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