Pilot Return of the Roar

Kion becomes the leader of the new Lion Guard.


Kiara Lioness • 5 years ago

Wow! The Lion Guard is still amazing! I rembember still when I first heard of it coming out with The return of the roar in November 22, 2015 I was Skepical at first I have not watch the lion guard since it had charecters that wern't ever in any of The lion king movies 1 , 2 , 3 charecters like Kion , Bunga , Fuli , Beshte , Ono none of the newer charecters Season 1 and 2 in the lion guard for a long while untill one day I day I decided to give it a chance I wish I never judge just by the looks this should be a lesson to learn never judge anything before trying! It's been a long time I don't remember when I first decided to give The lion guard a chance but when I first watch Return of the roar I said now I got a lot of awesome episodes to watch! cause when I first decided to give The lion guard a chance it was around when The lion guard only had up to season 2 episode number 16 Divide and Conquer. I even love the newer ones coming out now! Guys this is like for me never judge a hyena by it's a spots. I should never judge anything!

Saad Baig • 6 years ago

I really like this show

Troy Lion • 5 years ago

Me too I'll always love The Lion Guard it's a really great series to watch The Lion Guard and I don't care how old I am I'm 17 right now soon to be 18 this febuary 3rd 2019 I'll still always love to watch The Lion King all movies and The Lion Guard it is always the best to me!

Resident evil • 4 years ago

Respekt me too 9 des 2020

LilDune • 4 years ago

They need to do a season 4

LionGuardfan • 2 years ago

Yea, with Kion and his GirlFriend cub. i forgot her name cause i have'nt watched season 3 in a long time

Gary • 2 years ago

her name is Rani

KANYANTA MWANSA • 4 years ago

Who else is binge watching the series? I'm gonna miss this show!

Mooskii • 4 years ago

There's still a chance we're going to get a 4th season, so don't lose hope entirely.

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

Yes There still is a chance

Blue Shadow • 4 years ago

Same so i can by time till the new epsiodes come

Saad Baig • 6 years ago

Can't wait for season 3 XD

Cows&Sloths • 4 years ago

Janjas song is scary

Kovu2002 • 1 year ago

And Cool Too.

Ruth Navarathna • 6 years ago

NOW that was amazing

Autummn • 4 years ago

THEY NEEED TO ADD ANOTHER SEASON they said it will most likely come in 2020

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago


mike logo • 3 years ago

Buddy its 2021

lia.skies • 4 years ago

tbh i wonder what would have happened if kion took simba’s advice and chose four other lions, it wouldn’t be the same.

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

Yeah that would really be intersting
But from what we see in the lion guard there are only 4 cub lions uncluding Kion and KIara and Tifuu and Ziruu

Zuka_Zama • 4 years ago

I've watched this like three times and I still enjoy it!

Kion26 • 4 years ago

WHAT!!! Only three times. Peasant

Fathan • 4 years ago

Damn. I forgot how young Kion and his friends sounds. Now, look at Kion. (Season 3 spoiler alert)

He is a King, even before his sister become Queen.

Simba Jones • 4 years ago

Same here

Troy Rogue Lion • 4 years ago

Love is not so muchey stuff now is it huh nephew Kion? I remember when I was a very young Lion Cub love did not come for me untill I got older I just had friends and felt the same way but that was a long long time ago. now this year still in 2019 as a full grown Lion. I got a Lioness Katie Lioness! Wow!

Li0n k1ng • 4 years ago

Love how he says he will grow up to be happy but then he becomes a king

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

Scar was right
Destinity can be full of unexpected surprises

Daniel Ramphal • 4 years ago

I like the old kion better

sarahkate • 6 years ago

I have to say i do not like Kiara in this episode she is such a telltale she tells on Kion what is wrong for him to have his friends on the team.

Kion • 6 years ago

if i was in this i would most likely be Kion becaluse i love lions they are my most favorite animals and he is a good lion i love the good guys in tv shows and movies im a big fan of the lion guard i love anything lion king related

Kiara Lioness • 5 years ago

same for me I feel I'm a girl but still I love Kion it's either between Kion and Fuli they are my most favorites they are awesome to me.

Baliyo • 3 years ago

honestly i'd be the best kion

Emily • 5 years ago

Oh yeh same Kion is my favorite and my hero.

Arvie Tevin • 5 years ago


Can't Think Of A Username • 6 months ago

Still really gutted but I think I've come to terms with the lion guard's ending. Unfortunately I doubt their will be any new episodes and one day I wish someone can separately continue this series

Can't Think Of A Username • 6 months ago

Rewatching these 3 seasons will bring back a lot of nostalgia

Can't Think Of A Username • 6 months ago

Hello, I'm back if people still remember me

Simba Jones • 3 years ago

Ugh......... but the lion guard has ALWAYS has been made of LIONS

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 years ago

Not always now
And there aren't if lions to make a 5 lion lion guard including Kion
Tifuu and Ziru? Ph scary

Simba Jones • 3 years ago


Baliyo • 3 years ago

Simba u gonna need to start accepting change

Simba Jones • 3 years ago


Baliyo • 2 years ago


Simba Jones • 2 years ago

Like, all the time

Guest • 3 years ago
Simba Jones • 3 years ago

Uhhh, cool?

Baliyo • 3 years ago

do you really

Autummn • 4 years ago

I Think There Will Be A Season 4 i hope there is!
When i saw the first episode of season 3 i saw kion GREW UP i have been wanting that for so long!! i wanna see kions reign grow and mabye some cubs of his own he is a great leader and i want to see his adventures with Queen Rani And The Lion Guard/Night Pride so badly like if u agree!

Autummn • 4 years ago

I Hope Theres a Season 4!

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

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