Season 1Episode 9 Follow that Hippo!

A young elephant wanders into danger.


KionTheLion • 4 years ago

I take pleasure in watching myself.

Jerrie Jaguar Lament • 6 years ago

the little elephant is so cuteeeeee eeeeee

Aiden Skeeens • 7 months ago

0:22 me waiting on a game to install

0:23 me after I completed da game

raging fire • 2 years ago

laughed out loud when the little elephant blasted fuli

At 21:46 Kion Should Give Them The Real Mark Of The Guard

Koco Wong • 3 years ago

at 14:55 bunga's eyebrows turned blue

Koco Wong • 3 years ago


Baliyo • 3 years ago

wow that was actually true

Big stupid kat • 4 years ago

Dat face tho XDD 21:50

F4cedMe • 4 years ago

Lol, indeed funny to look at.

Bunga the Honeybadger • 4 years ago

Kion’s face at 21:49

FuliTheCheetah • 4 years ago

Panic and run, the best strategy there is! As demonstrated by the zebra RnD program, titled... OMG HYENAS PANIC AND RUN!!!!

Jesse Payne • 5 years ago

This song is a true fact, everyone has to believe in themselves

Janja • 5 years ago

Zuka zama

Big stupid kat • 4 years ago

I think you got the wrong catchphrase...

Firenado Productions • 4 years ago

Ave cabesa

Baliyo • 3 years ago

it's Heyvi Kabisa

Big stupid kat • 4 years ago

... Close enough

n • 5 years ago


Ruth Navarathna • 5 years ago

Well that is the funny

.*+Abigale+*. • 6 years ago

Zebra: And zebras are the most DELICIOUS animals in the pride land!
Giraffe: Hmph
Zebra: Its true, DEAL WITH IT
OMG SAVAGE!!!!11!!!!!1

FuliTheCheetah • 4 years ago


Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 6 years ago

LOL for me that part was funny XD and quite Savage XD LOL

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