Season 1Episode 6 The Kupatana Celebration

Kion accidentally allows jackals into the Pride Lands.


Carissa Belford • 1 year ago

Simba at first doesn’t want Kion to got to the outlands in The Lion Guard Return of Roar. Then Kion got swept away to the outlands and freindly hyena, Jasiri. Then on episode Mzingo and Janja told a lie of having a peace. Then now, Simba want Kion to save a jackal pup from the lion guard.

.*+Abigale+*. • 3 years ago


Bunga The Honey Badger • 6 months ago

Over all, there are 3 different type of Jackals, the Black - Backed Jackal, Golden Jackal, and the Side - Striped Jackal. So maybe Reirei and her pack are Black - Backed Jackal.

Carissa Belford • 1 year ago

The 1st time I watched it. The jackals fool me too.

Resident evil • 1 year ago

But dident stop simba liv whit out his presens

Alex Dowie • 1 year ago


Resident evil • 1 year ago

Simba kid of cuse most part of life was him whit timon and pumbaa

Alex Dowie • 1 year ago

Yeah most of his childhood was with them they pretty much like parents to young simba

Ruth Navarathne • 1 year ago

This time the roar was from an brave powerful king

BadgerBunga • 1 year ago

Ha, Ha! Goigoi

FuliTheCheetah • 2 years ago

Rescuing Mbeya was actually pretty easy. The reason it took so long was because Beshte accidentally knocked me into the mud pit and we spent another ten minutes pulling ME out. When we're all walking back to where we left the jackals, i'm a lot more muddy, and a LOT more grumpy.

Kopa_forever • 10 months ago

Stop acting like Fuli-

Askari • 8 months ago


Treyni ~ Chan • 2 years ago

Dogo is a lil Doggo!

Treyni ~ Chan • 2 years ago

So cuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

davegordoom • 2 years ago

the jackles mom cant spell her name but she can sing so good

Askari • 8 months ago

Rei Rei

Malachi Branch • 3 years ago

The black backed jackals

Kat • 3 years ago

It’s Dogo

ecocat annabelle • 3 years ago

At least the hyenas have Jasiri. I feel like the jackals are getting a bad rap. They really are bullied in today's Africa. Circle of Life.

Colby Blackmon • 3 years ago

please shut up

Askari • 8 months ago

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