Season 1Episode 1 Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots

Kion learns that not all hyenas are bad.


Alex Dowie • 1 year ago

Yes I agree kion I much better with fuli rani is just not right lion or not fuli is best

S1ckBoY • 1 year ago

I think Kion and Fuli will be together but i dont know we will see in future episodes.

Guest • 1 year ago
Alex Dowie • 1 year ago

I guess not

Lord herobrine • 3 months ago


Kurt Scicluna • 5 months ago

theyre not the same type of animals how come?

Alex Dowie • 1 year ago

Same I also put kion and fuli together

Alex Dowie • 1 year ago

Fuli and kion almost together and then it turns out disney is just messing with my emotions

Alex Dowie • 1 year ago

What happen to kion and fuli. Is kion really dating a girl he's only known for few episodes

Weezy • 1 year ago

They would have been there for a couple of months atleast

Little squid • 1 year ago

I am 16 and my friends dont understand that i still watch cartoons but i like to watch the lion guard and also the lion king. It is achilly my favourate disney movie and searis. Sorry if my spelling is bad because i am not that good at spelling even though i have just left high school over a month ago and starting collage soon

Resident evil • 2 years ago

I am being bullied because I like it that show

Resident evil • 2 years ago

It is strange to like the lion guard when I am 16 years old

Nailson • 2 years ago

You know that I am 17 and in 2 weaks will be 18 but that doesn't mean I should not do what I like( even if my friend cannot understand me and the whole cartoon stuff )

Jason See • 1 year ago

I'm 17 mannnn age doesn't matter bro.. As long as you are doing the things you love! Don't care about how they will look up to you

Resident evil • 1 year ago

Can we be friends pliz

Resident evil • 1 year ago

So true bro that its good saying

Can't Think Of A Username • 10 months ago

Never judge a book by its cover or should I say never judge a hyena by its spots
Plus more older people then smaller kids watch this show

Lord herobrine • 3 months ago

i am dead

Kurt Scicluna • 5 months ago

no, im 17

ETAHN- • 10 months ago

why would u think kions in trouble if he just use the roar?

Can't Think Of A Username • 10 months ago

You do have a point what Kion would only use the roar if he was being attacked, he might still be injured

Askari • 5 months ago

cause kion only uses the Roar when he's fighting bad guys

Fahim • 1 year ago

this is the one where i feel bad for kion he just gets hurt all the time threw this like thorn patch hitting him self on a rock, xd

*Generic_Kion_Account* • 1 year ago

Funny how the Lion Guard's first episode has the moral of 'Never judge a book by it's cover', however part of the reason for the show's failure was because of the unforgiving ROTR viewers who turned away solely because of the animation and Bunga...
A bit like they were expecting it.

Liam Evans • 1 year ago

Janja: Don't Know Why You're in The Outlands Helping A Hyena Kion
Kion: I Care Because This is A Kid Show And One Of These Days One Of The Parents Of One Of The Kids Watching The Show is Gonna File A Lawsuit Against Me For Something That You Did

WentHulk • 1 year ago

Males do tend to be a bit less cautious than females.

Alex Dowie • 1 year ago

Is the lion guard canon

Askari • 5 months ago


Alex Dowie • 1 year ago

Let's just hope there's gonna be a season 4

Mountain_Lion • 1 year ago

I'm just as hyped and hope there is a 4th season coming. The last few episodes wrapped the whole story up way to fast.

Alex Dowie • 1 year ago

Does anyone think that Disney will make a season 4

Can't Think Of A Username • 10 months ago

I hope soo

Kion • 1 year ago

Just starting this series, kinda excited even tho itโ€™s a kids show

Blue Shadow • 1 year ago

Mortal of the story a song can magically cure kions leg

Kion • 2 years ago

Kion shoud end up with who
Is Bunga

Spectacular Spider Fan • 8 months ago

Apparently no one seems to grasp the concept of being FRIENDS

renaud hobden • 3 years ago

Kion shoud end up with who?


My personnal idear is: Kion x Jasiri (My number one) or Kion x Fuli (My personnal number 2). My number 3 is Kion x Rani (sometime is my

number 2), number 4 is Kion x Kijana, my number 5 is Kion x Zuri, my number 6 is Kion x Madoa, my number 7 is Kion x Vitani and my least

fave is Kion x Tiifu.

I don't real like Tiifu (She's pretty much to naive and stupid). I prefer a sister Zuri than her sister.

Carissa Belford • 1 year ago

In reality he married Rani

Kion • 2 years ago

No Kion x Bunga

Spectacular Spider Fan • 8 months ago

Top 10 reasons why humanity deserves 2020

Koco Wong • 1 year ago

YOU EXPECT TOTALLY DIFFERENT SPECIES THAT AREN'T EVEN IN THE SAME ORDER and boyxboy? I know this is your opinion and i respect it though.

FearKiller956 • 3 years ago

I say Jasiri, though I don't mind Kijana but she's too young

Askari • 5 months ago

neither rani or vitani

Askari • 5 months ago

what i mean is only Rani,Vitani, or Tiffu and i mean like Zuri idk if she'd be a good match

thomas major • 3 years ago

i say jasiri because ya gotta admit shes kinda bangin

Jasiri • 1 month ago

I got a good shot of Jasiri.

Lord herobrine • 3 months ago

fuli should be with Azad

Lord herobrine • 3 months ago

for me rani is best

Simba Jones • 3 months ago

Jasiri: WE ARE THE SAME!!!!!
Also Jasiri: Can't believe I'm trusting a lion ๐Ÿ˜’

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