Season 1Episode 4 Can't Wait to be Queen

Simba leaves Kiara in charge for a few days.


Thunder • 4 years ago

lol i love the lion guard my most favorite part in this episode is when kion plans to move the bees what could go worng there ahhhhhhhhh

Kion • 4 years ago

hey Thunder LOL i love that part too

disqus_I4eN2mTfKj • 3 years ago

disqus_csi7s71D1s important

Troy Lion • 3 years ago

Lol yeah that part was great XD Yeah what could possiblly go worng totally LOL.

FuliTheCheetah • 3 years ago

Haha yea! Although why didn't Fuli just PANIC AND RUN? It's actually an effective strategy! (as demonstrated by thurston and company) Besides, she's not fastest in the price lands for nothing!

Wait so now Killo Valley is a few days away and in the Fall of Killo Valley everyone gathers in a few minutes

Troy Rogue Lion • 3 years ago

Kion: I say we move The Bee's , Ono: Move the bee's? Mizingo: Move The Bee's. Bunga: Yeah let's move the bee's what could go wrong?
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Bee's chasing after them Yeah Totally what could go wrong LOL I still really love that part it always really makes me laugh.

.*+Abigale+*. • 4 years ago

Oh my gosh Zazau's voice is SO ANNOYING

RAGNAROKKXXXX • 3 months ago

If scar was here things would have been very bad vultures will tell scar simba and nala isnt in pridelands

Can't Think Of A Username • 3 months ago

Never thought about that

Lord herobrine • 3 months ago

hmmm don't think anyone did!

VAT • 1 year ago

who do you think is the most annoying character in the show??


VAT • 1 year ago


VAT • 1 year ago

OK.. so you know how in return of the roar kiara says kion's goin to "wreck the pridelands", tbh i think if tiifu and zuri as advisors is probably more destructive.

Luckly, Kiara still has Rafiki as royal advisor

Yep, Definitely
I mean Kion and the guard single handly protect the pridelands from the greatest ''villian'' while Tiifu and Zuri nearly cause the Death of Kiara in this episode

cocomocandy • 1 year ago



KingGidorahh • 1 year ago

i wish death upon zuri and tifu they're sooooo annoying

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

I don't like them very much either, but wishing death?

Well you could always throw them of a cliff

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

That's harsh.

I know, I was joking and hoping it would trigger some memories

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

Yeah and it did trigger memories.....

Ermm Sorry

Lol they are annoying

Kion • 1 year ago

Oh come yes there annoying but there still lions that make the show more funny

Funny is to kind
They make me sick

Kion • 1 year ago

Come yes there annoying yes there not helpful but dont hate them ford riley wanted to make them annoying

cocomocandy • 1 year ago

and sometimes mean to Kion

KingGidorahh • 1 year ago

can zuri and tifu just get ran over by a herd of elephants already they are soooo annoying

Well good thing they aren't in very episode

Simba Jones • 2 years ago

19:54 Oh please! I'd eat him in a heart beat!

Just like how Shenzi and her hyenas would have eaten you and Nala, your lucky your father was there to save you. The Hyenas had every right you eat you too

Yeah. I doubt that you could have yourself but now you could definitely save yourself

Simba Jones • 1 year ago

Ha ha. Please. I was a cub back then, yes. But I could've saved myself. And I could for sure do the same now.

Janja • 1 year ago

If you do, Simba, share it I'm hungry too.

You do know he is talking about you, right?

Janja • 1 year ago

I know. it was a joke.

Lol, I thought you went full Janja

Kion • 1 year ago



Simba Jones • 1 year ago

Will do!

Matt Ragusa • 2 years ago

How ironic is it that Kion became a king long before Kiara became a queen?

shiplover17 • 2 years ago

yes i am still giggleing about that

cocomocandy • 1 year ago

me two

Upset Annon • 2 years ago

19:17 has to be the most interesting part of the whole episode for me. I love how much expression is shown in Jonja’s voice and facial expressions, not to mention the menacing confidence he has when he says “six on six...”

Dragonet • 3 years ago

Where are all the lionesses for pride rock?they're there in the movies why not in the lion guard. It would be really cool if they added the lionesses of pride rock in my opinion

Connor McMillen • 3 years ago

i like Kiara fight with kion like cats and dogs

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